‘Hello Sun, Hello Sea’: An Inspiring Children’s Book, A Story of a Little Girl

Hawaiian Author, Vanessa Valencia’s Latest Masterpiece is a Tale of a Little Girl who Journey’s Through the Sea. The Author is Now Seeking Public Support to Crowdfund this Amazing Children’s Book.

Hawaii based American Author Vanessa Valencia has announced that she will be raising funds on Indiegogo to crowdfund her second children’s book, ‘Hello Sun, Hello Sea.’ The author has devoted her life for children and their education and has embarked upon herself to spread the message of love and peace in children. She is committed to inspire the upcoming generations by promoting peace through her work. Her vision is to empower children towards peace and this book is yet another step by her to achieve her mission and turn her vision into reality. Vanessa aims to raise $9,798 through this campaign and there is a month left before the fundraising ends.

In the book ‘Hello Sun, Hello Sea: A Hawaiian Meditation Journey Just For Me’, children will truly explore mindfulness and the true feeling of being in nature. Vanessa has been fascinated by the sea ever since she was a little girl herself and this book is her effort to help the children understand what it is like to live peacefully in nature. The book will play a major role in psychological development of children to grow up and become peaceful citizens of the society. The book also contains graphics illustrations by Anita Morra, an artist and a true lover of nature.

The author, Vanessa has a Master of Arts in Teaching in Early Childhood Education and understands the developmental needs of children. She has been close to children being an educator herself and a Montessori teacher. The story of this book begins with a young girl, Maluhia, who discovers an exciting world in the ocean, and learns to appreciate the world within herself. The book is recommended highly for children but even adults and parents have found it exciting and interesting.

All funds raised through this Indiegogo campaign will go towards editing, cover designing, printing and e-book conversions of this book along with other necessary procedures required to get this book out to the children.

The Indiegogo campaign for this amazing book is located on the web at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hello-sun-hello-sea-children-s-book-kids-meditation#/  and everyone has a chance to back it and build a generation of the future.

About the Book:

Hello Sun, Hello Sea is an inspiring book written by a Hawaiian Montessori Teacher and Author Vanessa Valencia. She has devoted her life towards the children and this book will have major impacts on the children as it spreads the message of peace along with knowledge.

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