Heart Hunters Start Campaign On Kickstarter To Finance Their Dream Record Project

Heart Hunters takes the Kickstarter route to raise fund for their Dream Record project.

Heart Hunters, the group that specializes in mystical hobo folk music, has launched a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for launching their Dream Record. Head Hunters is based in Atlanta and has many hit albums to their credit, focusing mainly on folk music with tunes that combine wanderlust, loving spirit and transformative social politics.

“Our Dream Record project is indeed a dream record that is a synthesis of all our experience and past efforts at creating creative and unique music,” says Andrew de Man, a key member of the popular music group. “We are aiming to raise a sum of $25,850 through Kickstarter and the campaign is already running. There are several rewards awaiting those who contribute to our campaign.”

Head Hunters has been around for more than five years now and has launched an EP, album and many other projects too. However, Dream Record is their biggest project to date. The team has roped in singer Peter Case for production work because of his immense experience, high standards and his amazing singing talent. His last record that captures the current social landscape of the US was also a crucial factor in choosing Peter Case for the production task of the project.

Peter Case has an awesome reputation as a teacher of songwriting. In the Dream Record project, Peter will be in charge of revising and arranging the material, and doing pre-production. The team will move to the studio to record the music and share it with the world. The songs on the Dream Record track will cover a diverse range of themes from love to ghosts to spirituality and social justice.

According to Andrew de Man, Dream Record project could pose a major challenge but there is a lot of joy and excitement involved. Peter has the ability to create songs that represent the classic folk music style and the traditional storytelling format of such songs. It also sends out a clear and relevant social message. Dream Record will have a good number of beautiful songs with a political touch that will uplift music lovers.

Some demo songs have already been recorded by producer Peter Case and the team is also falling into place as the project reaches the home stretch.

Fundraising is one of the major areas of concern for Heart Hunters and that’s why they are taking the crowd funding route. They are aiming to fund the entire project from recording to manufacturing, follow up of PR and promotional campaigns. The crowd-funding process will remain active till 18 July, 2017.

About Dream Record Project:

Dream Record is an initiative launched by Heart Hunters, the Atlanta, Georgia based music group specializing in mystical hobo folk music. Dream Record has popular songwriter and singer Peter Case as the producer of the album and will aim to create inspiring songs and hypnotic harmonies. The project is raising fund through crowd-funding on Kickstarter.

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