Health advocate and master storyteller, Charles Mattocks, is set to explore the multifaceted world of Menopause


United States – 27 November, 2023 – Charles Mattocks’ unique approach to health advocacy has constructed a bridge between the medical realm and the everyday lives of individuals. With his own diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes 15 years ago, it ignited a passion in Charles to not only transform his life, but to extend that positive change to others grappling not only with diabetes, but its co-morbidities.  

Charles is a humble yet impactful producer that has created a formidable platform, using his storytelling powers to address pressing health topics.  Charles has previously produced compelling series and documentaries focusing on various conditions from cancer to diabetes, and rare conditions such as CRPS. Charles brings a unique perspective shaped by personal experiences, including his own mother, Constance Marley’s, battle with CRPS.  Constance is the sister of the late reggae legend, Bob Marley. 

In an era where the health industry rakes in billions, there is limited advocacy that effectively reaches the masses. Charles has become a beacon of change, dedicating his career to creating awareness of conditions that are frequently overlooked.  

Charles’ groundbreaking series “Reversed”, and “Eight Days” emerged as transformative platforms in health advocacy.  Sponsored by MannKind, a biopharmaceutical company renowned for its inhaled insulin Afrezza, “Reversed” has become a beacon for millions grappling diabetes and other metabolic conditions.  Charles is set to shoot a new series this January in Costa Rica, focusing on the topic of Longevity. 

Charles is excited to announce that his next series will delve into the intricate world of menopause.  Menopause is a critical discussion topic that is often overlooked in mainstream media.  The upcoming series aims to provide comprehensive support and awareness for the millions of women navigating the journey through menopause each year. With 75-85% of women experiencing symptoms during menopause and perimenopause, the series is set to address key aspects from physical changes, mental health, sexual health, nutrition, and much more.

“The goal is to empower women with knowledge and options during this challenging transition,” states Charles. “We want them to know there is support available, and they have a community standing with them. Menopause is a complex journey, and our series will feature real stories, expert insights, and a spectrum of experiences from perimenopause to long-term challenges.”

The documentary will showcase some of the leading experts in the menopause space, along with personal narratives from five women navigating different stages of menopause.  We will hear from their partners, husbands, and family members as they share their perspectives as they navigate the unique challenges posed by menopause.

Charles’ commitment to breaking barriers in health narratives and his dedication to amplifying voices make this upcoming series a promising addition to his impactful body of work.

The series looks to air the summer of 2024 on various network platforms. 

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