HAYAG Launches New Compliance Tool for Digital Health to Accelerate Product Launches

HAYAG Launches New Compliance Tool for Digital Health to Accelerate Product Launches

July 27, 2020 – Life sciences firms looking to innovate often face compliance related doubts and hurdles while they are planning to introduce new products or services. To make innovation in digital health or telehealth products easier, Hayag is pleased to announce the first compliance as a service tool (CaaS) which also features PLM functions.

Compliance software for digital health can make innovation easy and free of worries over meeting safety, privacy and other regulatory norms. Currently this happens to be a reactive rather than a proactive process. Among the hurdles, healthcare firms may not always know which regulations are applicable to their new product. 

The CaaS and PLM tools launched by Hayag is intended to speed up the launch of new digital health and telehealth products. The software is about compliant “by design” rather than a reactive process. The software is data driven and proposes all applicable regulatory controls based on the nature of the product.

What we are missing today is a solution that strategizes and customizes compliance controls based on the technology, data, and customer impact. Hayag offers customized solutions that integrate compliance strategy for your unique organization needs,” said Hema Lakkaraju, CEO, Hayag.

Among the features, the software offers customized compliance solutions, integrated holistic compliance design controls, cloud-based document management, vendor management, risk management and custom and predefined team roles.

Hayag’s compliance products and services offer the freedom to focus on innovation and aspects that are important to the client’s business. Let regulatory norms never become an impediment or obstacle to launch of new healthcare products. The compliance management offered by Hayag is dynamic and regularly updated to changes in regulatory frameworks. 


Hayag customizes compliance solutions as per your unique organization needs. Hayag is an independent compliance consulting and Software company that is passionate to assisting investment advisers to streamline their compliance. We achieve this by offering superior, value-added, and professional solutions to complicated regulatory concerns.

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