Hardbody Coaching & Transformations Helping People to Get In The Best Shape of Their Lives

Law and Patricia Payne Are Experienced Professionals in the Field of Nutrition and Wellness as well as helping clients prepare for Competitions

Olathe, KS – December 20, 2017 – Hardbody Coaching & Transformations aims to help people transform their minds and bodies like never before. This incredible company is formed and run by Law and Patricia Payne.

Law Payne is one of the top bodybuilding experts in the industry. He has written multiple Best Selling books on the subject and has also written for many key fitness magazines. His work has been featured on many television and radio programs.

Some of the books that Law Payne has written include How to Get Ripped in Just 60 Days, The Fitness Bible and Losing Weight After Pregnancy. His books on health, nutrition, and faith are all available on in all major book stores all over the world.

Law has helped people learn about nutrition and fitness on their blog at teamhardbodycoaching.com. The site has gotten more than seven million readers since it was introduced in 2012.

The clients Law Payne has helped have been among the top figures in the bodybuilding world. Law and Patricia’s clients have earned more than 350 Pro Cards, appeared in 250 professional shows and have won more than 75 titles from the WNBF, PNBA, IPFA, IFBB, Fitness American and Miss America competitions among many others. In particular, Over 10,000 people have utilized the support of the Hardbody Coaching & Transformations for their Weight Loss and Fitness Goals.

Law and Patricia Payne have an immense amount of experience with helping people build the best bodies they can have. They hold a combined 21 Top Accredited Certifications in nutrition, sporting performance, and Olympic-level lifting. They have worked for more than fifteen years to help people with getting the most out of their bodies.

The Hardbody Team can help anyone who struggles with significant issues that inhibit their abilities to lose weight or break through plateaus. These include issues like high cholesterol and blood pressure levels and high cortisol. Even those with MS, lupus and thyroid issues have benefitted from the team’s support.

Hardbody Coaching & Transformations create Custom Programs Tailored to the Individual. Every program is different.  This is to not only produce the best results but also to create quality bodies that can last for years and their clients in return receive a combination of Education and Self Empowerment from the programs that they create.

Anyone who has a desire to get in the best shape of their lives; they can have are encouraged to contact the Hardbody Coaching & Transformations for help. The Hardbody team is available online at teamhardbodycoaching.com and at hardbodynutritional.com.

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