Harbor City Capital Announces Launch Of New Internet Advertising And Digital Marketing Assets High Yield Bond Offering

Harbor City Capital, the global alternative investment firm that specializes in digital marketing arbitrage, digital private equity, and venture capital funding is proud to announce the launch its new, “unprecedented” high yield bond offering, according to a statement released today by CEO, JP Maroney. The company discovered a unique investment opportunity in the blossoming $200 billion internet advertising sector through providing bridge funding for digital campaigns which consistently generate 20%-45% returns in 90 days or less.

More specifically, Harbor City Capital, via HCCF-1, LLC is providing funding for digital media campaigns, secured by real assets, including accounts receivables and purchase orders. The par value of each bond is $1,000, with a minimum investment of $50,000, and is available only to accredited investors. The bonds are issued via HCCF-1 LLC, a special purpose funding vehicle managed by Harbor City Capital Corp, and the cam­paigns are executed by Harbor City Digital Ventures, Inc.

Harbor City’s new high yield bond offering presents many benefits, the greatest of which being its 1.5% monthly current income; healthy 18% per year fixed rate of return and short, 2-year duration. The investment principal and interest are secured by collateralized real assets with UCC-1 filing, mitigating the risk of capital losses through providing a secure position with guaranteed repayment, as well as internal earnings ranging from 2%-3% per every 30 calendar days.

Speaking of Harbor City’s new 2-year high yield bond offering, Mr. JP Maroney, Harbor City Capital CEO, said that “The internet advertising market is a niche goldmine growing at a staggering annual compound growth rate of 40%. Our collateralized guarantee when fund­ing such campaigns provides investors a safe way to earn 18% annual yield with monthly cashflow. This one-of-a-kind high yield bond allows diversification across multiple verticals within a top-growing sector of a recession-resistant market, and is, without a doubt, a lucrative opportunity for accredited investors of all sizes and trading proficiency.”

Those interested in learning more about Harbor City Capital Corp are encouraged to visit www.HarborCity.com.

All potential investors are encouraged to contact Harbor City Capital directly via filing in the appropriate Contact Us form found here.

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