Hackerville Romania Makes a Major Comeback as a Prime Investment Destination

Hackerville Romania all set for financial resurgence with a mega project in the pipeline.

Hackerville Romania is making a strong comeback as the preferred investment destination for businesses, thanks to financial assistance from Black Soca Investments. The investment enterprise will be funding five business majors wanting to build an IT Park in the most famous business address of Romania – Ramnicu Valcea.

Rm. Valcea is a thriving industrial city and has been in the news for a number of new business setups including the recent commissioning of the Faurecia Factory, the French automotive upholstery major. Faurecia Romania will create employment opportunities for more than 1600 locals in this plant, according to company sources. The upcoming IT Park will come up on an area of around 30 acres close to the industrial city and is near to Faurecia Valcea, more precisely on the small island called Ostrov which is close to the Ostroveni Hydropower Dam.

The choice of location for the IT Park is ideal as all kinds of basic and advanced amenities are easily available as industrial infrastructure is already in place. According to Black Soca Investments, the five renowned companies will give this park a whole new identity and help attract more commercial ventures to this place.

Black Soca Investments spokesperson says that the cost of the whole project would be around $47,000,000. The investments will commence in early 2017-18. The manufacturing units and administrative buildings will be developed using the latest technologies to remain compliant with the updated European Union requirements.

On completion of the first stage of this mega project, the stage will be set for manufacture of crucial IT components. They will be shipped across Europe. The second stage will be focused on software creation. According to conservative estimates, at least 1600 jobs of various specializations and designations will be created due to this investment.

The investors plan to have detailed discussions with the local administration after the elections are over. Among other things, they will take up the proposal of building a bridge that can join the island to the main roads in the area. Black Soca Investments is hopeful that they will get the approval and all the necessary documentation in this regard from the administrators at an early date.

The whole process of negotiation, planning, constructing and commissioning of the Faurecia Factory happened in an ultra smooth and hassle-free manner, thanks to the unstinted support of the local administrators. The investors are sure of getting the same level of support and cooperation for this crucial, project too which they expect to be a game-changer for Ramnicu Valcea.

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