GTC Co., Ltd. Solidifies its Position as a Leader in Compressor Technology with its Hydrogen Refueling Stations

For the past 40+ years, GTC Co., Ltd. has been leading the development of compressor technology and globalization. As the movement for clean energy gains momentum on a global scale, GTC has solidified its status as a  leading domestic compressor manufacturer by positioning itself as the leading option for Hydrogen Refueling Station industries. Hydrogen refueling stations developed by GTC Energy represent another interesting application for metal hydride hydrogen compressors, strengthened by the rapid development of fuel cell vehicles in recent years.

Rooted in a tradition of quality and excellence, GTC Co., Ltd. is widely acknowledged as a leading player in the field of compressor technology. Products manufactured by GTC  are globally recognized for their cutting-edge technological advancements and meticulous approach to design. With over 40 years of industry experience, GTC Co., Ltd has steadily taken the market. The company has not only presented a series of new gas compressors to the global market but has also updated its quality in terms of durability. GTC’s commitment to technological advancement is reflected in the notion of meeting the highest standards of efficiency. 

Since its establishment in 1975, GTC has evolved from its origins as a machine tool company to become a big giant in the compressor industry. The journey of GTC Co. into the compressor design and manufacturing business began in 1981, leading the Korean market to become one of the strongest in its domain. 

Blending advanced engineering with strict quality control, the brand manufactures compressors that are efficient and showcase the reliability and precision characteristic of Korean production expertise. The compressor lineup from GTC includes models like the GVCNL/Vee Type, GBCNL/Opposed Balance Type, and GICNL/Vertical Type. These models are specially designed to handle various capacities and pressures suitable for various gases, including N2, H2, CO2, O2, NH3, CH4, C2H4, C2H6, VCG, Ar, and natural gas. The unique feature of these compressors is that they are adaptable, i.e., they have the options for different drive types and power sources to suit different environmental conditions and installation requirements.

GTC’s entry into the global market has been a strategic step in enhancing its international reach. This emphasizes the brand’s major aim to share high-quality, efficient compressors for its gigantic client base. Incorporating Korean business values of educating customers, GTC provides a detailed selection guide and all product offerings GTC has taken several steps to help uninformed customers make an informed decision to choose the most appropriate compressor for their specific needs. Moreover, this helpful guide takes into account important factors like the intended use, type of gas, and operational conditions. This ensures users find a product that meets their requirements.

GTC’s research & development center focuses on continuous product development and customer service improvement. The brand explicitly values feedback from stakeholders and customers as it acknowledges it to be vital for mutual growth and success.

GTC Co., Ltd. appreciates the continuous support from its customers and stakeholders, which drives its efforts to maintain a strong position in the global compressor market.

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