Graham Precey Offers Professional London Drink Photography

Distinguished London still life, food and drink photographer Graham Precey offers professional drink photography in his London studio. Graham is recognized within the industry for his impressive talent to capture stunning photographs of drinks that evoke the right responses from the audience. Since, establishing his studio in the heart of London, Graham has worked a wide variety of clients and he works the best stylists in London and whether it is a food shoot or a drinks shoot he has the talent and inspiration to bring the best out of the product.

Regarding his previous work, Graham said: “In the last couple of years, I have worked for an interesting mix of clients. For editorial, publishing, advertising, packaging as well as clients direct. Also, some of these clients are beginning to commission me for video.”

Having worked for some of the top food and drink brands and names in the industry have provided Graham with exception advertising and marketing knowledge that allow him to capture photographs that pull the audience towards the image. Anyone who has ever taken a picture of a drink is able to acknowledge that photographing drinks is tough, it requires a certain eye and a lot of skill to photograph drinks. “A picture says a thousand words. So ask yourself what your current food photography is saying about your products. Is it capturing the glint on a glass of Glenlivet, or the fizz on the first Gin and Tonic of the afternoon? If it’s not, your drink sales might be flat,” Graham added.

As a photographer Graham understand that a drinks photographer has to capture pictures that “Sell the slurp” especially for commercial clients. His aim is to take a crisp, close up of the glass that’ll be just a few inches from their customer’s face, he wants the audience to feel that the drink in the picture is something they needs to get refreshed and revived. He has the capability to make drinks look undeniably tempting to the people who see it.


Graham is an established London still life, food and drink photographer. He works primarily for advertising and design agencies from the UK, Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East. Experienced and used to working on major brands, he is passionate and enthusiastic about his photography and loves the variety his work brings as well as the people he meets.

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