‘GoldenFlix’ slated for streaming classic movies and television shows

Richard S. Hartmetz of Rochester is seeking $25,000 in his crowdfunding pledge drive with Indiegogo in hopes of funding his new movie streaming service. This new service, called GoldenFlix, will specialize in Hollywood classic movies and television shows in addition to independent films. The tentative start-up date for this new project is September 2017.

“We are offering a unique opportunity to be part of a movement in the field of entertainment,” Hartmetz stated. “For far too long, classic movies have been overlooked. Thousands of classic films exist, showcasing some of the best writing, acting, and directing that has ever come out of Hollywood.”

Hartmetz founded his own publishing firm in 2012, Starry Night Publishing, which specializes in giving novice authors a chance to get their works in print. In 2014, his affection for classic movies found its way into his company, and Hartmetz began offering movies on DVD, featuring the great superstars of the early to mid-20th century, such as John Wayne, Bette Davis, Jimmy Stewart, and many others.

“These are the motion pictures that put the ‘class’ in classic,” Hartmetz said. “These are the films that Netflix won’t stream. These are the films that you won’t find on the shelves in Walmart, or your local video store. That’s not fair!”

There are five pledge levels with rewards valued between $5 and $1000. Rewards range from a discount of 10% off the yearly subscription up to a free year on GoldenFlix. The estimated delivery time for the rewards is Sept. 2017.

“Our plan is to create GoldenFlix, which will stream thousands of rare and hard-to-find classic films, for a small subscription fee,” Hartmetz said.  “We require funding to set up this streaming service and acquire the films.  The more funding we receive, the more films we will be able to acquire and more bandwidth we will be able to provide.” 

Also, if the streaming concept is successful, the future of GoldenFlix will include “classic television shows from the golden-age of TV,” according to Hartmetz. And there may be slots reserved for some of the oft-ignored independent film industry.

“This will be your service, a unique opportunity to preserve classic movies and short features from 1900 to 1980, and share them with future generations, commercial-free,” said Hartmetz. “Even if you are unable to support this endeavor financially, we would still appreciate your help in getting the word out about this worthwhile project.”

Go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/goldenflix-stream-classic-hollywood-films-film-streaming#/ for more information about the project or to make a pledge.

Indiegogo is an online crowdfunding platform developed for people who want to promote and raise startup capital for their creative ideas. 

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