Giving Life to Work: Helping leaders create a thriving workplace with simple, yet effective strategies – A brand-new book, revealing the practical insights of Dr. Arieana Thompson and Dr. Laura Heron

In an effort to help guide today’s leaders to cultivate self-awareness, harness natural strengths, and reduce stress in the workplace, Dr. Arieana Thompson and Dr. Laura Heron are revealing their latest work, Giving Life to Work. This book is a practical guide for leaders, featuring actionable tips and real-world strategies to take your leadership style to the next level.

Dr. Arieana and Dr. Laura have been recognized for their research-based contributions in the field of organizational psychology and find great meaning in using their experiences and expertise to help others create happier and healthier work environments – and more profitable businesses.

Right now, the world is moving at a faster, and more dynamic pace than ever before, making effective leadership even more challenging. This book aims to solve that through expertly curated strategies that have been shaped through years of professional experience.

Giving Life to Work is a perfectblueprint for proactive leaders. Embracing the ten simple, yet effective, research-based strategies presented in the book, will help you increase your personal effectiveness and cultivate a more positive work experience for yourself, your employees, and your organization as a whole.

Backed by decades of research and best practices in organizational psychology, Giving Life to Work is the ultimate guide to improving the workplace and enhancing leadership. With nothing more than an open mind, a willingness to try something new, and this insightful book as your guide, authors Dr. Arieana Thompson and Dr. Laura Heron provide you with tried-and-true strategies to become an effective leader in today’s competitive business environment.

Giving Life to Work is all set to be released and will soon be available in the month of September on leading online reading platforms like Amazon, Google Books, and Barnes & Noble. Keep an eye out for this perfect guide to finding fulfillment in your professional life.

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