GiGstreem Announces The Launch Of Ubiquitous Wi-Fi

Innovative internet service provider, GiGstreem, launches Ubiquitous Wi-Fi to deliver a safe, secured internet connection to multi-housing communities

GiGstreem has again reiterated their goal of delivering the best possible internet browsing experience to customers with the recent launch of Ubiquitous Wi-Fi. The company has built a reputation for providing fast, reliable internet connectivity to clients, with the recently launched Wi-Fi service offering better coverage and secured connection to communities. The solution is particularly great for homeowners as it eases the process of integrating with Smart Home technology without having to break the bank.

Internet connectivity has been described by many as a fundamental right. Over the years, there has been increased access to the internet, with reports putting the number of the online global population at over 2.5 billion. Consequently, there has been an influx of service providers claiming to deliver reliable internet connectivity to clients. Unfortunately, millions people in different parts of the world still struggle to get the quality of services they desire, especially in the aspect of affordability, reliability, and security. However, GiGstreem looks poised to change this narrative, with the recent launch of Ubiquitous Wi-Fi further substantiating this claim.

Ubiquitous Wi-Fi is particularly unique for its safety, delivering optimal internet security with Ubiquitous Wi-Fi, ensuring that the vital information of users is not compromised as compared to using a public network. Users of Ubiquitous Wi-Fi can access the internet with their laptops, phones, or streaming devices in the hallways, laundry rooms, or community rooms without logging into a community-wide account. It also helps to increase the value of the property and potential rents charged to tenants.

GiGstreem practically takes away the burden of providing reliable, fast, internet to tenants without requiring landlords or property managers to pay through their noses, ultimately making life easier and better.

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