Get Ready To Discovery High quality plastic mold from Topworks China

Get Ready To Discovery High quality plastic mold from Topworks China

Plastic products are used for a large number of industrial and other applications since they are inexpensive, light weight and do not corrode or get rusted. They are also water proof and are not attacked by termites. To manufacture any plastic product in a particular shape, a plastic mold is required. Companies who require any kind of plastic component or product for selling can contact Topworks, one of the most reputed manufacturers of a wide range of plastic molded products and plastic molds in China. The company has more than ten years experience in supplying plastic products to customers worldwide, making the molds required.

The company is manufacturing the plastic products using different techniques. While injection molding is the most popular manufacturing process for the plastic products which are supplied, blowmolding and overmolded plastic products can also be supplied if required. The injection molded products are made from different materials like ABS, poly-carbonate (PC) and PMMA (Acrylic). ABS is one of the most popular materials for molded products with excellent mechanical strength and is widely used in the electronics sector, machinery, toys and other products.

Polycarbonate is used extensively for plastic parts which are transparent , with maximum wall thickness of 3 cm. It is widely used in optical lens, LED lighting, electronic appliances, automobile parts, medical instruments, packaging products and aerospace applications. Polymethyl methyl acrylate (PMMA) is often abbreviated as acrylic, and is a low cost plastic. Though it has a lower impact resistance, it can be easily recycled, which reduces the cost. It also has a lower melting temperature.

Customers can conveniently order any plastic product they require from Topworks at a low price by sending a drawing of the product they require along with the specifications. The detailed engineering drawing should have complete dimensions of the product which has to be manufactured, so that the right product is manufactured. Topworks will review the drawing and if no clarifications are required, a plastic mold for the product will be manufactured in the factory using the drawing. TopWorks specializes in making high quality plastic molds for a wide range of products at a cost which is 30% lower than others, quickly taking 15 days less than its competitors. The company has high quality CNC machines and other equipment to ensure quality and accuracy of the mold.

After the mold produced is approved by the customer, Topworks will manufacture the plastic products according to the order placed. The company accepts all kinds of orders, regular orders for plastic components which are used for manufacturing products in other factories as well prototype orders in small quantities for new products which are being developed. The plastic items may be supplied loose or assembled to form products for sale. The company checks the quality of all the products before they are dispatched to the customer. Topworks has more than 65 experienced and skilled staff who ensure that customers get the best prices for quality plastic products.

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