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9 June, 2017 – Does your kid like elephants? If so, this book is for you! Join the exciting journey of Dorby, the baby elephant who went on an outstanding journey, and learned important lessons on the way.

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At the beginning of his journey, Dorby’s mother sent him to the watering hole, where other baby elephants play all the time, while she went to the market. But Dorby didn’t like playing with other baby elephants – he didn’t like to play in the mud at all! As the time went by, the sky grew darker, and became filled with dark clouds. Other elephants came to take their babies away from the muddy watering hole, but Dorby couldn’t find his mother! Every other elephant had left the muddy watering hole, it was just Dorby, and he decided to find his way home. He turned left and headed down the path in front of him, he had already lost his way and found himself deep in the jungle. In his journey, Dorby meets a friendly rabbit and a cheerful monkey, both of them are going to help him find his way home – even though Dorby felt insecure and in danger.

This is a wonderful story, and an important story, to your kid’s world view. Tease your kid’s imagination and take him on a wonderful journey about a baby elephant who found courage in himself, learned how important is to socialize, and learned to appreciate and love his parents.

This book will open your kid’s mind, develop your kid’s self-esteem and approve your kid’s willing to be different, unique and special. This is a heart-touching story for children, which will teach them in the end to accept themselves, to build their self-esteem and self-confidence, but also, to make friends and become friendly.

Author: Fazilla Shujaat

Publication date: 17 may 2017

ASIN: b0719LBY9

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