Gas v Electric Stove: An Appliance Installation Company Has Issued A Guide To Help Homeowners Decide

A Toronto appliance installation company has issued a guide to help homeowners decide whether they should be opting for gas or electric stoves in the kitchens.

Bosses at ALP Heating Ltd said that the choice between gas and electric stoves was all down to personal choice, but thought by highlighting the pros and cons of both would help people to decide.

A spokesman from ALP Heating Ltd said: “Electric stoves are generally cheaper to buy. You also don’t have the cost of the installation of the gas lines to fuel it. The glass top hob tops are also easy to clean.

“But gas stoves are getting more and more popular because they cost less to run, which is a bit advantage to people who do a lot of cooking.

“A gas burner distributes the heat on the pan more evening because it uses a flame rather than a hot flat surface. The other factor that people love with gas stoves is that when you increase or decrease the heat, it responds immediately whereas the burner on an electric stove will take time. And, particularly relevant to people cooking through the winter in Canada – gas will mean that cooking meals is not distributed by weather influenced power outages,” he added.

ALP Heating has a team of HVAC certified technicians who have been working in the household appliance market for many years to help homeowners across the Toronto area to fix or replace their stoves, air conditioning units, water heaters, furnaces and fireplaces.

He added: “An electric oven fitting is straight forward. You literally take out the old unit and replace it with the new one. Gas stoves are a little more involved. Firstly, it is really important that the gas stove installation is carried out by a licensed and qualified professional. Make sure you check the credential of the person who will be doing the work for you. And you have to make sure that all of the work is in line with local and federal safety standards.

“When we are fitting gas stoves, we will ensure the gas line is installed and in good working order. This might mean an inspection of an old line or the installation of a brand new one.

“We will remove your old unit and dispose of it safely and then get your new unit fitted and make sure the connections and safe and secure. We will not leave until all safety checks have been done to ensure that our customers have a full working gas stove that is safe.”

ALP Heating Ltd also offer a special free estimate for its customers, so they are confident as to how much the work will be before they commit to it.

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ALP Heating Ltd is a home appliance service and fitting company based in Toronto. They have a team of HVAC technicians who are fully trained and licensed to carry out quality work their customers. The company can fit, service and repair air conditioning, kitchen stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, water heaters and humidifiers.

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