Joining One of the Best Crowd Funding Websites

May 24, 2016 – proudly announces it is joining and leveraging one of the best new crowdfunding websites – Smash Fund.  Smash Fund is an invitation only, social network-based crowd funding website that helps people fund their ideas and passions.  Through Smash Fund, people can build a profile and connect with others that share the same interests to generate funding and support for their project. is gathering together people who have great ideas and need help to turn those ideas into reality and bring them to market.  Leveraging the Smash Fund crowd funding platform, inventors, dreamers and anyone with a great idea can join with others at to work together for the benefit of all members.

Smash Fund is the first crowd funding platform that also operates as a social network.  The site is a place where entrepreneurs, inventors, and anyone with a passion can create networks of friends, family and strangers who support them and help them bring their dreams to life.  Through their Smash Fund network, anyone can receive the funding needed to launch their ideas. 

Smash Fund is building a new network platform of entrepreneurs and business oriented people.  Its goal is to help the 89% of people whose projects do not meet their funding goal at traditional crowd funding sites to launch their idea with no time limits or high back-end fees.  The Smash Fund premium service pays out 80% of its revenues to people who are building the Smash Fund network.  The innovative company pays individuals for every new member referred plus every viral connection made.

Now is the right time to partner with and begin building a network.  Smash Fund is free to join until July 1 so anyone can create their profile and refer as many people as possible to turn their passion into reality.

For more information about, please visit its website at

To learn more about Smash Fund or to join with and create an account, please visit Smash Fund

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