From Peruvian Migrant to Leading Business Figure Betzabe Wintermute’s Journey with Jorge 360 Staffing Inspires

From Peruvian Migrant to Leading Business Figure Betzabe Wintermute's Journey with Jorge 360 Staffing Inspires
CEO of Jorge 360 Staffing emerges as a top entrepreneur in the medical staffing industry.

In a remarkable journey from immigrant to accomplished business leader, Betzabe Wintermute, CEO of Jorge 360 Staffing, stands as a testament to the power of determination and hard work. With roots tracing back to Peru, Wintermute’s upbringing instilled in her the value of education and the pursuit of dreams. Now, at the helm of one of Malibu’s premier medical staffing agencies, Wintermute’s story exemplifies the quintessential American success narrative.

“I always knew I wanted something more,” Wintermute reflects on her journey. “Peru was where I grew up, but my aspirations stretched beyond its borders. The United States offered me the canvas to paint my dreams.”

Established as a beacon of excellence in Malibu, Jorge 360 Staffing epitomizes professionalism and reliability in the medical staffing arena. Specializing in providing travel nurses and allied health professionals nationwide, the agency has become synonymous with quality and efficiency. Whether it’s hospitals, nursing homes, or outpatient facilities, Jorge 360 Staffing ensures seamless staffing solutions.

“Our mission goes beyond just filling positions; it’s about fostering a community where professionals thrive,” Wintermute emphasizes. “We understand the critical role healthcare plays, and we’re committed to ensuring that our communities receive the support they need.”

With a vast network spanning all 50 states and U.S. territories, Jorge 360 Staffing prides itself on its ability to match healthcare providers with institutions in need. From short-term placements to permanent positions, the agency offers a comprehensive suite of staffing options, including travel, per diem, and contract placements.

Distinguished as one of Malibu’s premier healthcare staffing firms, Jorge 360 Staffing boasts a diverse network of doctors and advanced practitioners ready to meet the evolving needs of the industry. With a steadfast commitment to service excellence, the agency remains a trusted partner for institutions seeking reliable staffing solutions.

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About Jorge 360 Staffing

Jorge 360 Staffing, Inc. was established in 2021 in California. We fill in workforce gaps with highly qualified and trained healthcare staff. Our company aims to bring change to the increasing gap of healthcare workers. Thus, we envision making a difference in the current healthcare landscape by supplementing industry-grade nurses and other healthcare workers. We can identify your staffing needs and match your facility with healthcare staff that fit your staffing goals.

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