Founded by Kristy Kennedy, “Kennedy Marketing” Focuses on Data-driven Marketing Solutions While Supporting MS Research

November 2023 marked the launch of Kennedy Marketing, a digital marketing agency founded by Kristy Kennedy, an MBA graduate from Rollins College who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) during her final semester. The agency is committed to delivering results-driven marketing services while contributing to MS research, reflecting Kennedy’s personal and professional journey.

Kennedy Marketing started its journey in the digital marketing space with a unique perspective shaped by the personal experiences of its founder, Kristy Kennedy. Diagnosed with MS at a critical time in her academic and personal life, Kennedy faced significant challenges but managed to complete her education with support from family and medical treatments. These experiences have infused Kennedy Marketing with a sense of purpose that extends beyond business.

“Our agency approaches each customer with a commitment to achieving tangible results,” explained Kristy Kennedy. ” I fight for my clients. As a team, we focus on practical outcomes and meaningful metrics, such as improved conversion rates and genuine revenue growth.”

Before founding her agency, Kennedy was already demonstrating her marketing prowess. At Kennedy Marketing, she continues to lead successful campaigns for longstanding clients such as McKibben Powersports. Under her leadership, their key performance indicators, notably click-through rates (CTR) and call volume, have significantly improved, demonstrating her strategies’ effectiveness in online advertising. Kennedy Marketing now offers a range of services including SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, and detailed analytics and reporting, all tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

A distinctive aspect of Kennedy Marketing is its pledge to donate 10% of all profits to MS research, a cause personally significant to Kennedy. “My father was also diagnosed with progressive MS.  Supporting MS research is an important part of our mission. We hope that it adds an extra layer of trust and partnership with our clients, knowing that part of our earnings goes to a meaningful cause,” Kennedy added.

Kennedy’s approach is straightforward and focused, aimed at cutting through common industry fluff to deliver marketing strategies that truly perform. This approach resonates well with clients looking for honest and effective marketing solutions.

The opening of Kennedy Marketing not only signifies a new business endeavor but also highlights the resilience and determination of its founder. “Our agency is committed to providing exceptional marketing services and acting as a dedicated partner to our clients,” says Kennedy. “We aim to help them achieve their business objectives while also making a positive impact on the community through our support for MS research.” 

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Located in Orlando, Florida, Kennedy Marketing, LLC offers comprehensive digital marketing services tailored to client-specific needs. With a commitment to transparency and effectiveness, the agency strives to enhance its clients’ digital presence while also contributing to community welfare through charitable donations. Kennedy Marketing stands for client success and community support.

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