FoodPunchh: An amplified retake on online food ordering

FoodPunchh is a newly launched app on Kickstarter that provides restaurants and customers a common platform where they can interact and gain mutual benefits. Users of the app can create a personalized network of their favorite restaurants, order food takeout or delivery online, and earn points on their purchases which can be redeemed for discounts, cash off rewards, and other benefits.

FoodPunchh helps restauranteurs in maximizing their profit by not only bringing new customers from their mobile ordering platform, but also focuses on existing customers and works on improving customer retention by providing a customized customer retention program per restaurant. Today’s online ordering landscape is filled with service providers who don’t really provide a continuous value to the restaurant. Restaurants are strong armed into using online ordering services just because customers are using online ordering apps because of a ‘convenience’ benefit.  FoodPunchh attempts to add value to the online food order transaction for the restaurant (by providing restaurants with the customer retention solution) while still keeping the online ordering convenient for the customer. Furthermore, repeat customers are rewarded for their loyalty with discounts and other rewards.

A win-win for both parties.

At present, the app features around 300 restaurants from the DC metro area and planning to add more based on the outcome of the Kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter project, which started with a goal of $25,000, will help the developers to partner with more restaurants and onboarding operations. The funds will also be used for marketing and promotion of the app. The aim is to establish a user base of early adopters who can provide feedback to further improvise the (MVP) app’s functionality. The success of the fundraising campaign will allow the app to go nationwide and reach millions of users.

To establish a partner network, the founder of FoodPunchh intends to generate a demand estimation based on pledges by the backers. After which, each backer will be sent a survey requesting to name 2-5 restaurants which they would like to redeem their ordering credits from or customers can simply add the restaurants as favorites in the app. FoodPunchh, will then try to partner with those restaurants based on the estimated demand data.

The rewards on Kickstarter are tied directly to increasing app usage. For example – backers can pledge $15 to get 3 (app-based) rewards of value $5 each for the takeouts and delivery orders at the restaurants of their choice. The rewards will appear in the app once the project is funded. There is one awesome reward in the mix – get one crazy life 2.0 drone and a custom FoodPunchh T-shirt for a pledge of $250.

The app is available for both Android and iOS and more information about the same can be found at

Media Contact
Company Name: FoodPunchh, LLC.
Contact Person: Vishal Gamji
Phone: (866)844-5252
Country: United States