FLiFLi Air Works With Many Great Design Points

Changes Made Based on Design Feedback

New Jersey – July 17, 2017 – FLiFLihas noticed a number of issues with a variety of battery power packs that are often used on Apple Macbooks. The LifeBattery AIR was designed as a means of getting around many of these difficult issues. The revisions have worked as a means of making it easier for people to get the most out of their various different plans.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/366V8u3Nm78

The LifeBattery has been designed to work with a full output power to 100W. This is stronger than the 87W output that the Macbook Touch Bar requires. The pass-through charge works to ensure that the powerbank can be charged and used at the same time. This makes it very easy for anyone to get all sorts of controls ready.

The PSW or Pure Sine Wave system is also included to make it easier for electricity to be produced in a clean and safe way. This works to generate enough power for the Apple device without being more harmful or risky in its design, thus offering a strong setup all the way around.

The output ports have also be organized on the LifeBattery AIR to be on the upper side. This ensures that it will be easy for people to get a quality plug running without any obstructions in the process of making this work in some manner.

All of these features have been included in the battery to make it easier for anyone to operate. It offers a simple body with a strong layout that is easy to use and convenient for all sorts of general purposes people hold when getting their devices powered up right.

In addition, FLiFLi has revised its original concept that was introduced last year to include a new layout that matches the physical appearance of the Macbook. It comes with sleek curves all around and matches all Macbook colors. The general features and functionality of the battery mix well with the appealing physical design of the battery to keep it appealing and useful alike.

Interested customers can check out FLiFLi’s newest YouTube video that showcases how the LifeBattery AIR works. The team is also working on an Indiegogo campaign to help support the production of the new battery.



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