Five different types of diving flashlights

With the improvement of human living standards, the desire to explore the mysterious sea has increased, and diving sports have gradually developed from individual areas to all coastal cities in the world. Now diving clubs in Neihu cities are booming. Due to the dim light on the seabed, people expect To be able to see everything under the sea clearly, a lighting tool with good waterproof performance has become an urgent need!

Diving flashlights are mainly divided into five categories

The first category: diving lighting flashlight, is also the earliest and most primitive diving lighting, mainly for the basic underwater lighting of divers.

The design is simple, most of them use straight tubes, and the light source uses high-power LEDs, which have various brightness requirements and are suitable for most diving lighting environments.such as【D6,D7, D20, D21】 in our website.

The second category: diving fill light flashlight (also known as: underwater fill light), currently the most used and most demanded category, mainly used for underwater photography, underwater video, underwater video, underwater search.

The following characteristics are required:

1. Using the latest high-power original American CREE XML U4/L4 with a brightness of 1000 lumens.

2. The head is shorter and more diffuse than the original diving flashlight, the light angle is about 90-120 degrees, and the wider lighting range is convenient for shooting complete underwater animal and plant videos.

3. The color temperature is required to be 5000K-5500K, and the photographed image or video can be closer to the reality of the subject.

4. Photography is a kind of snapshot, and beautiful pictures are available but not available, so a higher battery life is required, and 4 hours is just right.

5. The most important thing is to match the special lamp arm, connecting rod, ball clip and bracket, which is convenient to connect with the underwater camera and make lighting more convenient.

The third category: split diving headlights, mainly used for engineering diving, fishing operations, underwater salvage and rescue, cave diving and wreck diving lighting.

The following higher requirements are required:

1. Using the maximum power LED light source, it is the diving flashlight with the highest technical content at present. It is turned on at night like the daytime. Most of them have about three brightness, taking into account high brightness and battery life!

2. The lamp head and the lamp body are separated, and the cable is connected in the middle with good waterproof performance to increase flexibility. It can be worn on the head and hands are released, making the underwater operation more flexible and convenient.

3. Using a magnetic control switch, some also use a two-way switch, the head uses a magnetic control switch, the operation is more portable, and at the same time, it is safer.

The fourth category: high-power underwater searchlights, mainly used for underwater oil exploration, underwater fishing operations, underwater aquaculture, underwater searchlights, etc.

1. The combination of the maximum power LED light source is also used to make the brightness higher, and the lithium battery pack is used to make the battery life longer!

2. It adopts the hand-held type, which is easy to carry and operate flexibly, and the irradiation distance is very long.

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