Finding Hope in the Storm: Betsy Kay Ridgway’s Inspiring Tale of Parenting and Resilience

Finding Hope in the Storm: Betsy Kay Ridgway's Inspiring Tale of Parenting and Resilience

BREA, Calif. – Acclaimed Author Betsy Kay Ridgway captivated audiences nationwide in an exclusive radio interview with Ric Bratton, esteemed host of This Week in America.  

The endearing and insightful conversation delves into Ridgway’s literary journey, inspirations, and the essence of her latest work. It’s celebrated for her captivating storytelling, profound narratives, and has carved a niche in the literary world with her thought-provoking wisdom and in-your-face desires and hopes. 

The book, “The Song of My Hope: How You Can Travel from Despair to Hope While Raising Your Special Needs Kids” reveals how to seek comfort in hope on this demanding parenting journey. After Ridgway’s eight-and-a-half years of infertility and an excruciating wait for adoption, they received 24 hours-notice that they were going to be parents. But when baby Sean was just eight months old, the unthinkable happened – he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that left him with complex special needs, leaving Betsy on a lonely road she never imagined she would have to walk. 

Ridgway admitted that she prayed for God to give her the strength to write her story. Doubting her capacity to scribble her experience, she sought God’s providence to ignite her literary journey. “I trusted Him to inspire me with key words from past experiences so I could recall the stories, realizing later these exact words were perfect chapter titles.”  She mentioned to Bratton, that with God’s help, and the Holy Spirit nudging her in the right direction, the book was brought to fruition. 

Ridgway is lauded by Bratton for her creative writing and pleasant personality, and widely recognized for her engaging interviews and intelligent discussions that delve into the incredible escapades and hard lessons learned from caring for her special needs boys. 

The Song of My Hope: How You Can Travel from Despair to Hope While Raising Your Special Needs Kids, invites you to open-up to greater joy and unshakeable peace through the words of Scripture. By cultivating hope, you can find resilience in the face of exhaustion and heartbreak, and discover a sense of purpose in the struggles. 

“The Song of My Hope: How You Can Travel from Despair to Hope While Raising Your Special Needs Kids”
By Betsy Kay Ridgway
Kindle | $4.99
Paperback | $13.99
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About the Author 


Betsy Kay Ridgway, with the love and support from her husband Russ, adopted two special needs boys. Her parenting experience inspired her to help high school students with learning disabilities. Her skills learned during her Master’s in Counseling degree enabled her to become a Special Education Advocate. She taught parents how to understand their child’s test scores from an educational evaluation, presented by the school staff. As a result, the parents could effectively advocate for their child’s educational services.  

Currently, as a Special Needs Family Advocate, she shares her knowledge and hard-lessons-learned by speaking on the importance of self-care and seeking friendships. Her passion for supporting parents is also displayed in her website, with inspiring and educational blogs, as well as a packed resource page.  She now takes great delight in sharing her personal story of discovering how to find lasting hope!

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