‘Finding a Job in Tough Times’ by Dr. Tim Johnson Makes Job Search Easier, From College Freshers to Veterans

The book is based on real life experiences, and includes ‘Six Steps to a Paycheck’.

Whether fresh graduates, currently employed but dissatisfied workers or veterans, these are tough times for anyone to find the job of their dreams. To make it easier, author and educator Dr. Tim Johnson, DPS, PE has come out with his latest work, “Finding a Job in Tough Times“, to show the way to aspiring job seekers of diverse backgrounds.

“Finding a Job in Tough Times” aims to dispel all doubts and confusion, and put the reader on a new path of self-discovery and success. The book includes the Six Steps to a Paycheck, tips and suggestions, and takes the reader to understand themselves, what the employer wants, and how to achieve their goals.

The purpose of the book is to help the reader not only secure a job, but put their skills and learning in perspective. This will give the reader the freedom and the confidence to execute their plan to reach their goals,” says Dr. Tim Johnson.

As part of the Six Steps to a Paycheck, reader will learn to re-define themselves and their goals. They will re-examine limitations and learn to address job requirements. Other steps involve creating job opportunities, never saying ‘no’ and keeping an open door, and the importance of maintain focus. Also included are practicalities such as using keywords to define oneself and one’s skill sets, and the do’s and don’ts of interviews.

“Finding a Job in Tough Times” will be liked by job seekers from diverse backgrounds. These include freshers who can’t make sense of the hiring process or are facing poor prospects, workers recently laid off or struggling, those looking for better opportunities but not finding one, those who are physically challenged or recovering, and returning veterans who are bewildered when rejoining civilian life.

The underlying philosophy of Dr. Tim is to use a step by step method to bring order into chaos, and tie up loose ends and gather disparate elements together to form a unity in which lies real strength. The author’s views, methods and advice are based on time honed experiences in real life, including his doctorate in computing, and consulting experience.

Dr. Tim Johnson has taught over 3,300 students at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA electronic technology and electrical engineering courses from 2000 to 2015 before retiring to pursue a doctoral program at Pace University, NY finishing in 2018. The current book is borne out of his realization that students were having a hard time finding a suitable job, especially during the economic recession.

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