Financial backing to help in producing CamScan and turn photo film negatives into quality digital photos!

January 10th, 2018 – Many people are stuck with rolls of photo films or some envelopes with cut films, looking for ways to turn it all digital. However, there is no good solution in the market. What is available in the market are some cheap low quality scanners that will not give the kind of photos that one may desire or extremely expensive professional equipment that most of people cannot afford.

Specialized services cost a lot that many people feel they are not worth, deciding to stick with their own negatives. All this is bound to change with the introduction of the CamScan, a device that will turn the digital camera into a film scanner. The device is very fast, gives great quality as good as a camera, gives full control over color, and it is compact. You do not need to send the previous negatives and there is no need to mess with frames or cut film rolls.

To make this realizable, €19,000 is needed. Backers are being requested to support the project and help in producing the device. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched at Indiegogo platform to raise the €19,000. A prototype has been built and tested, the developers of the device now need to make a few touches and with enough backers they will start mass producing the Camscan. Within the short period that the crowdfunding campaign has been running, €2,374 has already been raised with the developers of the product expecting to get more and beat the two months self set deadline.

“The glorious era of film photography is gone or at least is about to end. I find it important that the best images from the past make it to the new digital world,” says the developer while appealing for more backers to support the initiative.

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