Fauna Collection, a rhyming storytelling book and toys that teaches kids the value of the environment and endangered species

Fauna Collection is the innovative new set of storytelling book and plush toys that help the kids in understanding the value of the environment and endangered species of animals. The project, now launched on Indiegogo aims to raise $14,000 and has received good a response from the users so far. It is basically created to provide the kids an entertaining way to play and learn core values, the importance of friendship and environment at the same time.  The backers can order the Fauna Collection of their choice through the various perks available on the Indiegogo campaign page.

Fauna Collection allows the users to choose from 9 different characters which are uniquely designed as hybrids of various animals, mostly the endangered species. The characters are inspired by the Mexican handcraft of “alebrijes” and each character has its own name, species, and unique personality. All these characters are accompanied by an interesting and rhyming story tale. This collection of toys will raise awareness about the environment and endangered species among the kids while having fun.

Some of the characters available in the Fauna Collection are Baly the elepand who is friendly, lovable and loves playing with butterflies; Lora the purtle, a wise exploratory friend who likes astronomy; Ringo, the horsepus, who loves to dance to the rhythm of the tide as he moves around cleaning his natural home with his peculiar trunk; Mitty the speacock, the smallest toy in the collection who lives among beautiful flowers and Kody the Bunnysnail, who is creative, energetic and likes to go on a walk with friends. All the plush toys are available in cuddle size (10 inches) and Toy size (5 inches).

Through one of the Early bird rewards, the backer can receive one cuddle size plush friend with its illustrated story tale at a price of $39. By contributing $19, the backers will get a reward of 1 toy size character and for $21, they can get the hardcover of story tale book. Through the $31 reward, the backer can get a toy size kit containing 1 toy size character and the storytale book.

Fauna Collection is more than just toys and storytelling books for kids because it is designed and created with an aim, to make the kids understand the importance of conserving the environment, loving the animals and learn basic values from the beginning.

More information about the same can be found at their official Indiegogo campaign page

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