Facebook Special Offer On Dry Bath Brush by BrusyBrush

17 April, 2017 – BrusyBrush proudly announces the Facebook special offer of 20% price discount on natural bristle brush for dry brushing. BrusyBrush’s natural scrub massager brush which is made from the finest quality beechwood and natural boar bristles (100%) is suitable for all skin types and readily available for anyone to indulge in and have a comfortable bath using it.

The natural scrub massager brush features a 16 inches long Beechwood handle for easy access to the hard to reach spots on the body. The long Beechwood handle is ergonomic in nature to ensure a firm grip and optimized control while in use. Also, the long Beechwood handle can be detached from the brush for the brush to be used in hand held the position for most of the body while the long handle is mainly utilized for the back.

BrusyBrush natural scrub massager offers the skin all the professional care it needs to look healthy and youthful after the day’s stress.  Natural bristle brushes are the best for dry brushing making the natural scrub massager brush by BrusyBrush of enormous benefit to the user as it exfoliates dead cells from the body, removes toxins, improves blood circulation, reduces fluid retention, cleanses pores in depth and fights persistent cellulite.

This amazing natural bath body brush makes a multipurpose godsend for all your skin needs, it revitalizes and relieves stress after a tiring day at work, restoring the harmony of the body and soul and bringing an overall feeling of peace and wellness  to the body,”  says The Owner.

The all natural BrusyBrush bath body brush is certain to leave the skin firm, toned and radiating health at its best after use.

BrusyBrush is part of MCC Global Trading LLC, which is an online store for health, beauty and personal care products.

For more information, visit store online at www.brusybrush.com/2017/03/29/facebook-special-offer-on-bath-brush

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