Face Paint Kit Manufacturer Announces Top 5 Things About Halloween You May Not Know

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st each year and for most people it conjures images of children and costumes, candy and pumpkin candles. The tradition of dressing up and going door to door to ‘trick or treat’ did not spread across America until the early part of the twentieth century but the customs and traditions practiced today have much older and more serious roots.

In a statement today by Face Paint Kit manufacturer Bo Buggles to celebrate the upcoming Halloween holiday, they released their Top 5 Things you may not know about Halloween stating that while the majority of people see Halloween as a fun night for parents and kids to enjoy dressing up and going about the neighbourhood, that it was also a great time to learn a little of the social history of what made Halloween what is is today and the significance of the customs that are still practiced in part on Halloween night.

A spokesperson for Bo buggles explained, “Halloween is a great fun holiday for all the family and is celebrated by more Americans than almost any other holiday during the year. Many people may not know what the roots of the holiday are and where they came from so we thought it would be a fun way for parents to teach a little social history between the chocolates!”

Here are the Top 5 Things you May Not Know About Halloween

  1. Halloween began as a day of remembrance when families would take time to remember their loved ones who had died. A religious holiday in many faiths it would involve a visit to the cemetary to visit graves and a service of remembrance.

  2. Trick or Treating was derived from a practice in medieaval times called ‘souling’ whereby the poor would travel through a parish begging the rich for soul cake. In return they would promise to pray for the dead relatives of those who gave them cake to eat.

  3. Halloween was introduced to America by Scottish and Irish immigrants in the late 19th century

  4. In European countries tradition includes leaving food out for the ghosts of the departed. A tradition that has migrated holidays in America and tied to leaving mince pies for Santa Claus at Christmas.

  5. At the stroke of midnight on halloween night it is said that for all the children deemed not to have done a good deed on All Hallows eve that they would be visited by the ghost of a dead relative who would spirit them away to the dark world where they would have to sitand wait in silence for a year before being allowed to return to their family!!!! (only joking!!).

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