Explore the Lighting Solutions of 2023 Shanghai International Jewelry Fair

As the jewelry industry continues to grow and evolve, jewelry fairs have become popular venues for buyers and sellers to meet, network and showcase their latest products. Among these shows, Shanghai International Jewelry Fair (SJF) becomes one of the largest and most important shows in the region, with a total area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters and more than 800 exhibitors, attracting people from all over the world who are interested in exploring industry trends of visitors.

One of the key success factors is lighting. Proper lighting can dramatically change the way buyers perceive jewelry, and jewelry shows are essentially about aesthetics and presentation. In order to explore lighting solutions for jewelry exhibitions, Chiswear participated in the 2023 Shanghai International Jewelry Exhibition on March 10. The exhibition was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center. At the same time, there were exhibitions held at the same time as the Huaxia Family Fair and the 2023 China Presidential Conference. . Visitors need to follow the signs to the first basement floor, and enter the exhibition site after going through the security check.

At around 10:30 in the morning, there were not many people in the exhibition, and most exhibitors were still displaying products. The exhibition is divided into several exhibition areas, such as the designer exhibition and Taiwan boutique exhibition area, etc. The exhibits also include diamonds and gemstones, pearls and corals, jade and so on.

In view of our company’s focus, most of the exhibition rooms use large spotlights and panel lights. Many exhibitors use large spotlights and panel lighting to create sufficient, bright, and uniform light, which can provide sufficient lighting for the display cabinets. However, these lamps are not suitable for lighting jewelry, because panel lights are too bulky to illuminate every corner of jewelry in detail, and the lighting effect of large spotlights is not fine enough to highlight the details and luster of jewelry. In addition, these lamps have a fatal problem: glare. Glare can negatively affect the experience of exhibitors and even cause visual fatigue.

In addition to large spotlights and panel lights, there are also showcases that use line lights and mini magnetic track lights. Outside the ecological live broadcast room of the exhibition, track lights were used for key lighting, and the details of the exhibits were well displayed. In general, however, these lighting solutions do not meet the needs of displaying jewelry. By observing the exhibitors, we found that most exhibitors did not realize the importance of lighting in presenting jewelry to potential buyers, nor did they design in advance high-quality, innovative lighting solutions that are comfortable to function and beautiful. So even though jewelry is expensive, it looks cheap because of lighting issues.

In order to find out why jewelry lighting is very simple, we interviewed exhibitors. They said that exhibitors usually rent showcases and lamps at the exhibitor service center. On the one hand, it is because it is difficult to install and carry the lamps, and there is no suitable lamp for easy portability.

Therefore, when planning and preparing for jewelry exhibitions, exhibitors are advised to consider the following points to improve lighting effects: Make sure your booth is well lit: Jewelry needs adequate lighting to show their true brilliance. Exhibitors can consider using professional showcase lights or jewelry display lights, which have higher brightness and more accurate color temperature, which can accurately highlight the details and luster of jewelry. Avoid glare: Exhibitors should try to avoid using lamps that cause glare, because glare will affect the audience’s viewing experience. This problem can be avoided with some dimmable light fixtures, which can adjust the angle and intensity without affecting the brightness of the light to achieve the best lighting effect. Consider comfort: Viewers need to view jewelry in a comfortable environment. If the lighting is too strong or too dark, the audience may feel uncomfortable. Exhibitors can choose soft light to create a comfortable viewing environment, so that visitors can stay in the booth for a longer time. Present Uniqueness: For exhibitors, displaying jewelry requires a certain uniqueness. A creative and unique lighting design can attract more audience and make your booth stand out. Designers and decorators can consider using different light colors, shapes and intensities to create a unique lighting design.

Before concluding the article, we would like to emphasize once again that the importance of lighting solutions cannot be underestimated when attending a jewelry fair or exhibition. Choosing the right lamps and lighting scheme can greatly enhance the effect of your jewelry display and attract more audiences. We hope this article has given you some inspiration and advice on jewelry show lighting to help you succeed at your future shows.

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