Exclusive Interview With Budding Rapper Nxncents, Who Draws Inspiration From Freddie Dredd And $uicideboy$

In this exclusive interview, rapper Nxncents reveals the release of three latest jams, the inspiration behind his songs, his musical journey so far, his style, upcoming projects, the origin of his name, his zeal to exceed expectations, and more.

Interviewer: Good day to you. Tell us your name, the meaning, and what inspired it.

Nxncents: My name is Quitin Mabry. However, my artist name is Nxncents. It is pronounced the exact way you would pronounce the word ‘nonsense’. I chose this name because some people will find my lyrics to be nonsense, which some are but I have a hidden meaning in all of the music cause I’m sending out a message in my very own way.

Interviewer: How old are you, and where are you from?

Nxncents: I am 22 years old. I am from Kosciusko, Mississippi USA.

Interviewer: What genre of music are you into?

Nxncents: I am a rapper, so I am into rap. I rap about what I want to. Even though I have been making music for years, I only just recently built up the courage to do what I want and rap.

Interviewer: Where and how do you draw your inspiration to rap?

Nxncents: I have a target audience. I want to reach out to people who are into the alternative rap scene kinda music; people that listen to artists like Freddie Dredd and $uicideboy$, so it is natural that my music is highly influenced by the likes of Three six mafia, Yung lean, 21 savage, and of course Freddie Dredd and $uicideboy$

Interviewer: You recently released three songs. Tell us about them.

Nxncents: Yeah! The songs are titled ‘Wigspit’, ‘5 Stars’, and ‘Hurt Me’, and are produced by Heroindor.

Interviewer: What inspired these songs?

Nxncents: What inspired me to make these 3 songs was me escaping from struggles in life. I make my music how I want to.

‘Wigspit’, ‘5 Stars’, and ‘Hurt Me’ are available on all digital platforms after their release. You can download them using these links:




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