Europe in strict lockdown – COVID-19 threat casting off worrisome impact on continental businesses

As the world was finally recovering from coronavirus and the economies were managing to fall back in place – though, that would take too much time – Europe’s fate seemed twisted. The continent is once again struggling to fight the rapidly increasing number of coronavirus cases, which is what the analysts are calling a ‘second wave.’ 

The threat of the second wave was never lifted completely. Even though the lockdowns were lifted, marketplaces were being reopened, people – including the government officials – were still doubtful to feel completely secure. The threat of the second wave of the virus seemed to roam over the heads constantly. By the looks of it, Europe finally moved on from the threat and pushed the limit too far in reopening the commercial places, which is now proved to be a regrettable decision. 

Coronavirus in Europe is now at the same level as it was in March – which was deadly. March was the month where infectious cases peaked with speed, and then the world got five months to battle with its recovery. Europe, however, seemed to have lost the battle, and in September, the cases in Europe are almost as numerous as they were in March. Scientists overall the continent have called it a ‘potential second wave.’ 

Business across the continent is now closing down, and lockdown is being lifted – but with a minimal speed, which is also a concerning factor. The closed down businesses are mainly luxury and additional items, while the significant sectors like estate businesses and economy-balancers like 1AP Capital are reportedly good enough to sustain through lockdown.  

The director of ECDC, Andrea Ammon, told the media that ‘the virus wasn’t sleeping over the summer; it didn’t take a vacation.’  

She showed her concerns by saying that the rise in cases was always slower than in March, but now they are reportedly increasing alarmingly.  

Ammon added that ‘we have seen the notification rate of this week in EU and EEA countries and UK, which is 46 per 100,000. At one point, we have been below 15, so there is an increase, and this has been a concerning factor more than five weeks.’ 

According to the director, ‘Europe is almost back to the numbers that they have seen in March.’ 

However, according to an international news outlet analysis, deaths in Europe are very much less (300 at the start of September) than in early April (4,000 per week).  

The newly infected people are mostly young people who venture out into clubs, bars, restaurants, and such places. But Ammon said that ‘in August, we are seeing an older population getting affected, indicating a fast, concerning transmission.’ 

An epidemiologist at the University of Edinburgh, Professor Mark Woolhouse, told a media outlet that ‘initial lockdowns helped the problem slowdown… (but) it was merely pushing it a few months away.’  

He added, ‘the virus is out there, we are facing the problem we did in March… I cannot see it allowed to get even close back to that.’

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