Ethos Is Helping Companies Close the Empathy and Communication Gap with the Launch of Their Human-Insight Online Platform

EthOS gives companies a lens into the everyday lives of their customers, consumers and employees with an aim to meeting their needs

Communication is an essential skill required to build a trusting relationship. This skill is also important in a relationship between companies and their consumers in order for the former to see the world through the eyes of their customers. In the absence of this, there could be a disconnect between customer wants and needs, and the potential offerings that companies bring to the market.

EthOS is working to forge the bridge of faulty communication. The EthOS company provides companies, market researchers, user/consumer/employee experience professionals with a lens into the everyday lives of their customers, and in turn, providing their customers with a tool that makes their voices heard. It is an app-based platform that allows consumers to capture their everyday experiences through video and pictures so companies can better understand their wants and needs.

The simple to use EthOS app possesses picture and video-based tasks which allow users to be in-the-moment with participants, alongside the live chat feature which helps users derive deeper understanding through real-time interaction. The choice of utilizing an online platform for their operations stems from its ease of access and flexibility while in use.

Detailed reports, automated transcriptions, sentiment, and tone analysis helps companies uncover themes and insight of the customer more efficiently, while easily analyzing and organizing participant entries on the EthOS’s intuitive dashboard. By seeing how people interact with products and services in real-world situations, companies are better equipped to identify hidden problems, unearth new opportunities and better understand the needs of their customers.

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About EthOS

EthOS is a human insights platform that helps companies capture and analyze experiences from the people most important to their business. Paul Chesterman is the Director of Marketing in EthOS. Paul has spent his entire career in the market research industry with experience ranging from operations and full-service delivery to product development and technology. He has passion for people, innovation, and enterprise improvement; and enjoys helping companies discover answers to their most critical questions through the eyes and voices of the people who matter most to their business. 

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