Epitope Mapping Services Are Now Available at Creative Peptides

Creative Peptides, one of the world’s leading peptide suppliers, announced the launch of epitope mapping service.

Headquartered in Shirley, New York, Creative Peptides, one of the world’s leading peptide suppliers, announced the launch of epitope mapping service, adding to its already existing comprehensive collection of peptide modification, synthesis and analysis services as well as GMP services.

Epitope Mapping is an essential technique broadly applied in the discovery and development of diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies. “It plays multiple roles such as aiding the selection of optimized therapeutic MAbs, elucidating cancer-specific epitope markers as well as defining the protective effects of vaccines,” said Dr. Robert Martinez, head of Creative Peptides’ synthesis businesses, in a statement.

“Having an advanced peptide library platform, we offer a wide range of Epitope Mapping Services to fulfill customers’ demand. Both linear and conformational epitopes can be mapped using our Creative MapTM Platform,” he further added. “When an order is placed and confirmed by a client, our scientists will set out to optimize the detection methods once the relevant antigen sequence, antibody or serum sample is provided by the client, and then in house peptide library synthesis and assay development are carried out.”

After data analysis, a detailed report with both results and discussion will be delivered to the clients. The peptide microarray production by Creative MapTM takes about 2.5 weeks. Sample analysis and the subsequent data analysis as well as the generation of report will take another two weeks or so. That is to say, the whole epitope mapping process will take about a month.

For more information on epitope mapping, please visit: https://www.creative-peptides.com/services/epitope-mapping-services.html.


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Offering various therapeutic peptides, cosmetic peptides, functional peptides, catalog peptides, amino acids, Creative Peptides has now established itself as a trust-worthy supplier in the pharmaceutical industry and academic circle. In addition, staffed with experts in multiple fields like antibodies, peptide technology as well as synthetic chemistry, Creative Peptides now focuses more on its synthesis efforts, such as peptide nucleic acid synthesis, custom conjugation, silver nanoparticles conjugation, etc.  

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