EOT400-600 series basic type quarter turn electric actuator: Properties and Performance

EOT series is a compact 90-degree electric actuator that FLOWINN developed to meet the market demand. EOT series electric actuator has the following features:

•  The shell of EOT series electric actuator adopts the pressed aluminum alloy shell and the anti-corrosion epoxy powder coating, which makes it durable and resistant to corrosion.

•  The output torque range of EOT400-600 series is 4000-6000N.m, which can meet the needs of different valve sizes and working conditions.

•  There are primarily two kinds of control modes: modulating type and on/off type. Modulating type can adjust the valve opening according to the input signal, while on/off type can switch the valve on or off according to the input signal.

•  The limit function adopts the double CAM design, which makes the stroke setting convenient and accurate.

•  The process control adopts the QR code tracking, which can directly trace the source of goods and ensure the quality and reliability of the products.

•  The appearance design is exquisite and compact, which makes the actuator suitable for a variety of small space scenes.

•  The operational safety is guaranteed by the Class F insulation motor winding and the temperature switch that senses the motor’s temperature, which can prevent overheating problems and protect the motor.

•  The indicator is a plane pointer and scale that shows the valve opening, which takes up little space and is easy to read.

•  The wiring is simple and convenient, as the plug-in terminal can be easily connected and disconnected.

•  The sealing is reliable, as the IP67 protection grade and the O-ring can effectively prevent water leakage and dust intrusion.

•  The moisture resistance is enhanced by the heater installed inside the actuator, which can prevent condensation and extend the life of the actuator.

•  The manual operation is available, as the rubber cover can be opened and the matching Z-wrench can be inserted to open and close the valve manually in case of power failure.

•  The connecting flange is compatible with different valve flanges, as the EOT series electric actuators have two different sizes of double flanges and octagonal drive sleeves according to ISO5211 standard.

•  The packaging is safe and secure, as the product packaging with pearl cotton can accord with ISO2248 drop test and protect the products from damage during transportation.


EOT series electric actuator is a product that FLOWINN developed with its rich experience and advanced technology in the electric actuator industry. It has many advantages, such as high quality, high performance, high service, and high cost-effectiveness. It can meet the needs of various valve applications and working conditions. It is a product that customers can trust and choose.

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