EnvironmentalE Hops on The Journey to Net-Zero Emissions Heads-On with Their Initiatives

EnvironmentalE Hops on The Journey to Net-Zero Emissions Heads-On with Their Initiatives
EnvironmentalE, an Innovative environmental nonprofit organization, creates initiatives promoting environmental economics to combat climate change.

The team of forward-thinking individuals at EnvironmentalE, led by the passionate Mauricio Saettone, is not resting on their oars – they are promoting environmental economics to solve some of the world’s most urgent environmental issues. The environmental organization has expressed their readiness to collaborate with institutions that have likeminded goals to create initiatives that will help achieve the desired goal of saving the planet.

Environmental economics, Innovation, and environmental education are three fundamental pillars to furthering our battle against climate change. Not only are they pivotal to sustain human life on earth, but also to maintain a positive economic outlook into the future,” says Mauricio Saettone, Founder and CEO of EnvironmentalE.

There has been an increasing call for reducing activities that have been attributed to cause and worsen climate change. In a related development, the concept of environmental economics aims to address climbing emissions with a range of economic tools and policies in line with the goal of meeting the Paris Agreement target: Net-Zero emissions by 2050. However, more needs to be done in this regard, which is where EnvironmentalE is looking to make a difference by directly researching, informing, and supporting potential economic-based solutions to prevent a major environmental disaster.

EnvironmentalE seeks to re-direct global economic thinking, prioritizing the exploration of methods that shift policy-making expertise to ensure it puts the world on the path to “deep decarbonization” soon.

The organization reiterates the importance of innovation and breakthrough technologies together with environmental education to deliver solutions that will drive sustainability and encourage the global population to become more environmentally aware, working towards a greener, safer, more certain future.

For more information about EnvironmentalE and to join the campaign for a greener future, visit – https://www.environmentale.com/.

About EnvironmentalE

EnvironmentalE is a new, unique specie of an environmental organization, driven by a team of passionate individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. The goal is to put forward ideas that help shape the direction and mission of the organization – promoting environmental economics to solve the world’s most urgent environmental issues.

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