Enjoy an Extraordinary Trip With Airwheel C5 Smart Helmet with camera

For decades, the helmet is just for safety purpose. Most of the riders are reluctant to wearing it for the cumbersome helmet body and uncomfortable feelings in the hot weather. To cope with this awkward situation, Airwheel has researched and development a smart helmet Airwheel C5 to break the conventional helmet design.

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The uncomfortable and inconvenient trip is always bothering the riders. Firstly, as a rider, you may be getting bored with the heavy helmet. Secondly, you have to be always on the alert of the road condition and often miss the good people and things around. When you want to record the moments in the beautiful scenery, you have to stop and take pictures by your mobile phone or SLR. The bike and helmet always owe you a comfortable riding. Now, the intelligent helmet Airwheel C5  can give back an extraordinary trip experience.

Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet for road safety 

As we know, 80% of the human body head is shed from our head. To overcome the heavy design and give the rider a comfortable riding, Airwheel C5 helmet adopts the front air intake design, deep ventilation slots, top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust holes. The ventilating design ensures the helmet as a maximum ventilation area, not a burden for the head. So the riders do not have to worry about the uncomfortable feelings wearing the helmets Airwheel C5.Using the Polycarbonate as the shell surface and imported EPS as the interior material, Airwheel C5 is an intelligent helmet for road safety with good impact resistance performance.

Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet for road safety 

To repay the riders a nice trip, Airwheel C5 smart bike helmets is also installed with a high definition camera. The riders can either take photo or make video in the trip by just one-key capture. The intelligent management chip inside can be prolonged to 180min. The built-in WIFI module enables the helmet to connect to the mobile phone and indoor network hot spot. The photos and videos can be shared with friends via various social media. What’s more, one key answering phone function offers the riders to a clear call by freeing both hands.

Just as customers determine the success of a product, riders determine the success of Airwheel C5. The feelings are fully considered in the design of Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet for road safety. Start a new journey with Airwheel C5!

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