Embracing Myself: ‘This Time I Choose Me’ – A Journey by Madonna Nnenna Ononobi

Embracing Myself: 'This Time I Choose Me' - A Journey by Madonna Nnenna Ononobi

In the face of escalating societal pressures and changing dynamics of the world, the forthcoming book, “This Time I Choose Me” by Madonna Nnenna Ononobi, challenges the conventional regimes of self-care and self-love. Authored by a brilliant mind, ‘Madonna’, the book does not shy away from raising awareness of the importance of self-love – in the process of gaining knowledge on your abilities. It majorly defines the most important relationship that we have with ourselves, and it is our individual responsibility to nurture and embrace this bond with love and care. This piece of writing is for dreamers, seekers, and the ones who are in dire need of guidance related to their self-discovery.

By turning each page of the book, you’ll lead to the most desirable life lessons on self-empowerment and how to face the adversities of life while remaining calm and composed. “This Time I Choose Me” cultivates a sense of deep-rooted well-being among the readers that takes you beyond the external chaos of life. If you are sensing this book as a roadmap to precision, then you need to correct yourself that it is not a quick fix for dealing with the complexities of life but a gentle guide on how to maintain resilience throughout your journey toward finding your individual identity. Madonna Ononobi edifies her personal journey as how she found herself as a person while facing numerous challenges; however, she shares that discovering who she truly was the actual challenge she experienced in this overwhelming life expedition. “This Time I Choose Me” is Madonna’s navigation towards finding herself in terms of uniqueness, her purpose in life, and her means to happiness.

The heart of this book explores self-realization, and how important it is to accept yourself to love and to prioritize your well-being – while being in an adverse situation and tackling the stones that life throws at you. In this exploration, Madonna explains that you need to celebrate each and every moment despite having a troublesome state of affairs. Life is all about embracing who you are and every facet of your challenging journey; this is what the author wants to reflect through this ground-breaking book, “This Time I Choose Me”. From this guide on life adventures, you’ll learn about the self-love that revolves around radiating positivity, standing for yourself as your top priority, making others happy, and trying to soothe your internal contentment.

Through the pages of the book, Madonna invites the readers to pause for a certain time while giving importance to their well-being amidst the jumble of responsibilities and expectations. It is also one of the greatest messages of “This Time I Choose Me” to not misunderstand the term ‘self-love’, because there exists a misconception related to this term. Within our societal circles, this term is apprehended as selfishness; however, in reality, self-love is not about being self-centered, but it is the cornerstone of all other forms of love. It all starts with you, as a significant one, for yourself.

With conviction in her writing, Madonna Ononobi allows readers to understand that it is not always necessary to put the happiness of others above your own happiness. Sometimes, we need to overlook our happiness on our own, regardless of our inner battles and others’ perceptions. “This Time I Choose Me” is breaking the conventional norms about the terms self-love and self-care, as it’s a basic need of a person to get time for himself only.

Sometimes, we need to embrace our passions, give time to ourselves while conditioning our individual thoughts, practice positive affirmations, and employ our perspectives in decision-making without being influenced by our surroundings. These are some fundamental reminders given by Madonna in her latest piece of writing, “This Time I Choose Me”.

This Time I Choose Me” targets readers who seek guidance on self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-love. For all the adults who are facing adversities in their lives, this literary journey by Madonna Ononobi is for you to explore your inner strengths by giving yourself a quintessence of love.

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Having successful versions as an empowerment coach, a speaker, and a brilliant author, Madonna Ononobi is committed to her idea of self-discovery and self-love. Her dedication is reflected in her writings, such as “This Time I Choose Me,” which addresses her passion for self-care. Being a successful entrepreneur, Madonna Ononobi is a beacon of light and inspiration for those who are finding themselves in the dark and intricate life struggles. She is the biggest aspiration for women, mainly in the corporate world, in terms of maintaining a determined approach in professional and personal life. Despite her professional accolades, she also preserves a successful personal life, raising two children with a happy married life.

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