Embarking on a Revolutionary Partnership: LuftCar and eFrancisco Motors Ink Strategic MOU

Orlando, FL – Jan 26, 2024 – LuftCar LLC is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking memorandum of understanding, forging a strategic alliance with eFrancisco Motor Corporation (eFMC) in the Philippines. This partnership will encompass investment, development, integration, deployment, branding, and marketing of LuftCar air vehicles and hydrogen propulsion technologies designed for eFMC’s road vehicle platforms. The collaboration is set to cater to defense, regional transport, recreation, healthcare, and various applicable industries, exclusively within the Philippines market.

The highlight of this collaboration is the development of the LUFT-PINOY eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) powered by Hydrogen. LuftCar will lead the development of the air vehicle prototype, with eFMC providing the PINOY vehicle chassis. Anticipated for completion by the end of 2024, the first applications will focus on defense and cargo. The manufacturing of this cutting-edge aircraft will take place in Camarines Norte, Philippines, through the partnership between LuftCar and eFMC.

Tailored for the unique demands of the Philippines’ archipelago with over 7,101 islands, the eVTOL technology will find applications in public transportation, last-mile delivery, tourism, emergency response, disaster relief, law enforcement, defense, and border patrol.

Santh Sathya, CEO of LuftCar, expressed excitement about the strategic importance of the Philippines and Southeast Asia for LuftCar. He highlighted the versatility of LuftCars in connecting archipelagos, serving cargo, air ambulance, tourism, and regional transportation needs. The hydrogen propulsion will address long-distance and heavy payload requirements, playing a significant role in defense operations, enabling ship-to-base and base-to-outpost missions.

Elmer Francisco, CEO of eFrancisco, emphasized the collaborative spirit, inviting great minds to contribute to advancing technological innovations globally. Camarines Norte, with eFMC’s 200-hectare Special Economic Zone, is positioned as Ground Zero for this technological revolution, garnering full support from Governor Dong Padilla to make the Philippines the epicenter of this groundbreaking initiative.

This collaboration not only marks a technological milestone but also symbolizes the spirit of innovation and global unity. The LUFT PINOY eVTOL project represents a significant leap toward a sustainable and advanced future.

The partnership was facilitated through HDEX – the World’s First Hydrogen Exchange, where both Elmer Francisco and Santh Sathya serve as advisors.

About LuftCar

LuftCar is a cutting-edge eVTOL company based in Orlando, Florida, specializing in innovative hydrogen aviation solutions. Committed to excellence, LuftCar contributes to advancing air travel technologies globally, currently building its transformative vehicle prototype in Florida.

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eFrancisco Motor Corporation (eFMC) is a frontrunner in technological innovation, committed to shaping the future of transportation. With a focus on sustainability and groundbreaking partnerships, eFMC strives to bring cutting-edge solutions to the world.

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HDEX is a pioneering Hydrogen Exchange platform dedicated to advancing hydrogen-related technologies globally. As the World’s First Hydrogen Exchange, HDEX plays a pivotal role in fostering collaborations and driving innovation in the hydrogen sector.

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