Eliminating Surge Pricing, Elevating Riding Experience: Say Hello To Ariv, Up-And-Coming Ridesharing App

USA – A new app is on a mission to “shift the ridesharing industry into the way it was supposed to be from the beginning”. Ariv, the US ridesharing startup which will operate on a game-changing set of rules and regulations, which will cause an uproar in the world of ridesharing startups, is currently looking for riders – and drivers.

With the tagline “The responsible way to ride”, Ariv prioritizes hiring only the best drivers that would offer their services under the company’s auspices. In stark contrast with common industry practices, Ariv guarantees that drivers receive 100% of all commission fares and tips.

What’s more, Ariv pledges that “no matter the time or day” riders will “not have to worry about surge pricing”, as they “leave that to them”, making their rides more affordable than ever before. This practice will come into effect in mid-March of 2018, where Ariv will continue to have no surge on fares, but riders will have the option to boost the fare price, to get a ride, faster.

Furthermore, riders using Ariv will be able to choose between Ariv sedan; SUV, or SUV SS vehicles, when inputting the parameters of their ride through the app.

Ariv offers the following monthly subscription fees, according to drivers’ vehicles – Ariv sedan, $89.99; Ariv SUV, $109.99, and Ariv SUV SS, $199.99.  Ariv drivers will get paid automatically, once they sign up through Stripe Connect in the Ariv app.

Beginning February, 2018, Ariv will also be offering full demand delivery service, starting with Craigslist, eBay and B2B. The Ariv full demand delivery service will include three subscription packages, which, again, correspond to drivers’ vehicles – Ariv sedan, Ariv cargo, and Ariv truck. The price for each package will be announced at the time of their launch, after which the company plans to add various other delivery vehicles to its roster.

“Ariv will cooperate with an elite team of experienced drivers with clean driver’s record, who have been given thorough background checks, and gone through one-on-one interviews with Ariv staff” said the company’s media representative. He continued, “We are looking forward to the Ariv community’s expansion, and we are excited to see the number of new rider and driver sign ups grow, with each passing day.”

Currently, Ariv is soon to launch its beta version, which will be tested in the San Francisco, California area. At the time of writing, the countdown for its launch day is in the low double digits. The exact point in time – down to the last second – of Ariv’s app release can be viewed on the company’s website front page.

Ariv has released two apps, one for prospective riders, and one for partner drivers, for iOS and android which are currently available for download through the iTunes store and google play store. The company has intimated that it will release the Android version for both apps in the near future, while the exact date for the Android apps’ launch will be shared in future communications with the press.

Users can be able to download both the Rider app and Driver app on either iOS or Android device below:

Rider App



Driver App



To learn more about Ariv, please visit: www.arivsignup.com

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