EAE Management Group & Renegade Revolt create the First-Ever Revenue-Sharing Platform for Independent Musicians

Leading Management Company and record label EAE Management has introduced the first-ever revenue-sharing platform. The Amada Digital Re-Up campaign enables independent NYC artists to generate revenue from our in-house airplay campaigns for musicians and brands their music in over 30 American markets including multiple international territories.

Los Angeles, CA – 11th May, 2016 – The contemporary music industry presents a cut-throat and uneven competition for independent artists where most of the talented indie performers stay untapped. They end up exhausting all their savings on marketing and promotion only to have their dreams unfulfilled. But all that is to change in 2016 with leading management company and record label EAE Management’s exclusive revenue-sharing platform.  The Amada Digital Re-Up Platform empowers and enables independent NYC artists to generate revenue & gain exposure of their brilliant artistic talents sans entering into some 360 deal.

The first of its kind, the latest Amada platform markets and promotes a FREE of charge radio airplay campaign in conjunction with a paid $25.00 advertising & social media networking campaign for indie artists. The featured sponsored artist retains 30 percent of net revenues generated from each sale associated with their promo code. The featured sponsored artist receives between $5.00-$8.00 per campaign sale, compared to $.80 cent for a single individual sale. The Amada Re-Up Platform increases the artist’s revenue potential up to 1000%; guarantees targeted new followers and maximizes their brand visibility.  Consumers insert the code at checkout which tracks the accounting for the sponsored artist.

The Amada Digital Re-Up Platform is the brainchild of Renegade Revolt (a division of Cervo Media Group Inc) and powered via EAE Radio Network and Management.  The sticking point of the Amada Digital Re-Up Platform is the featured artist being the “billboard” face of an in-demand product.  Indie artists have limited radio outlets and our platform pushes the sponsored artists to the forefront of the demand line and places “All Eyes On Them”. The sponsored artist becomes the “gatekeeper” of radio airplay for hundreds of independent musicians.

The LA Plug Magazine stated “no other marketing or so-called promo company has ever invested into Independent Artists or even “offered” any monetizing options.  The Amada Digital Re-Up Platform generates instant revenue and empowers the featured sponsor from day one.” 

EAE Management owns & operates over 30 licensed radio stations (digital) and covers 30+ major markets. The EAE Radio counts over 100,000 listeners weekly per station. EAE services 3,000+ clients annually & manages 3,000+ social networking profiles.  The social media Twitter mention reach of EAE Radio is over 50,000,000 monthly.

The Amada Digital Re-Up Platform enables an artist to become the “featured sponsor” of the most in-demand product within our portfolio. The average budget for an unestablished independent artist is $25, and we understand the financial dynamics of this growing market sector.

EAE Radio is one of the largest licensed digital airplay networks throughout North America which creates unmatched social media and radio campaigns for the independent artists. Musicians receive optimal and widespread exposure for their artistic talent with us,” stated one of the leading spokespersons from EAE Management.

The Amada 60-Day Campaign empowers and provides the following services for musicians

• Licensed airplay for 60 days in a premier radio market (San Diego, Orlando, LA, Las Vegas & more).

• A full feature of the artist in a high traffic and popular online magazine such as www.popular-mag.com, complete with pictures, bio & links for their social media accounts.

• DJ social networking promotion for 30 days on Twitter from 5 high profile accounts.

• Full royalty payments from all the exchanges such as SESAC, ASCAP, BMI, etc.

• Monthly push messages on the artist’s music progress via EAE RADIO mobile app available from Apple Store and Google Play.

• Free of cost monthly merchandise and clothing giveaways for the TOP performers.

The featured sponsored artist receives promotional banners on seven major EAE radio stations and all banners include a personalized embedded hyperlink redirecting buying customers towards the artist’s customized URL & landing page created on www.eaeradio.com. The artist’s landing page contains a complete bio, Spotify stream of designated track & his or her viral performance visuals.

 “Our offers are ultra-exclusive, and you won’t find those with another form of radio networks around. No wonder, 300+ artists have already signed up for our new program in just 90 days without mainstream promotion.

EAE Radio partnered up with Renegade Revolt and featured their chief talent E-Reign, a.k.a. #FUTUREOFNEWYORK. A division of CERVO Media Group Inc., Renegade Revolt is a Celebrity Branded Digital Mobile Advertising Firm. After being featured on Amada Digital Re-Up Platform, the rising MC E-Reign has garnered over 80,000 streams on Spotify and over $1, 500.00 in iTunes sales in only 90 days!

“E-Reign’s team is totally brand-oriented and hyper-focused on building a long- term success and not just producing “HYPE.”.  His lead single “Need More” is currently spinning on over 20 twenty radio markets and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and humbling for the #FUTUREOFNEWYORK. Our entire staff is honored to partner with him and ESM Entertainment,” stated another leading spokesperson from EAE Management. E-Reign sleeps five hours per day and grinds for the other nineteen. He’s the headlining act for several live shows scheduled for the months of May and June. E-Reign was the headlining performer at the Hard Rock Cafe Concert series last month in Boston and music executives from major labels like Capitol Music Group subsidiary labels, Bungalow Records, and more co-signed the raw, unapologetic gifted talent of E-Reign. The entire crowd drenched in sweat and displayed pure natural energy for #THEFUTUREOFNEWYORK.  ESM Entertainment is one of the fastest growing boutique consultancy companies in North America. Their business provides services ranging from artist development to brand management strategies for independent artists.

The cool factor about the Amada program is that with each purchase, new clients send “welcome” tweets to the featured sponsor. A glance at E-Reign’s Twitter (@ereignesm) timeline shows 200+ such messages (“S/O to @ereignesm for the great campaign. #IMONBOARD @eaeradio @djontheverge.”) Of the artists, and those notifications ensure a great camaraderie automatically between sponsor and consumer.

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You can listen to E Reign’s Single “Need More” here

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