Dynamics Circle Announces the Re-launching of its Best Golf Training Aid Swing Glove

August, Garden Grove, CA – Under new management, Dynamics Circle, the provider of refined and functional products for golfers, of all skill levels, announced the re-launching of one of the tops selling golf training aid; the “Swing Glove.” A premium Cabretta leather glove with a built-in Swing Gear that guides golfers through all the points of their swing. Golfers can now make a purchase of Swing Gloves by registering on the website or make a purchase as a new customer.

Finding the right Swing Gear that guides golfers through all the points of their swing can be quite a challenging task. Many golf training aid  of this kind misses the features. Dynamic Circle Swing Glove solves this problem by offering golfers the top-notch hinged-plate that enables a softer grip which guides golfer’s wrist better while helping to reduce any excessive pressure.

“Training with the Swing Glove induces muscle memory as you play, keeping your wrist straight and making solid contact with every swing,” said Rick Smith, one of golf’s most highly regarded instructor. The Swing Glove works to correct your wrist position. The Swing Glove’s patented Swing Gear technology is an innovative hinged-plate that keeps your wrists and hands in proper position through the entire swing”.

Most golfers experience a breaking down of the wrist at the top of their swing, leading to common problems such as the flying elbow, outside in swing, and ultimately, the dreaded slice. Swing Glove keeps golfers wrist straight and at the ideal position for a more smooth and consistent swing all the way through. Unlike complicated training aids, the Swing Glove looks like any other golf glove; golfers can use it for practice and also use the Swing Glove on the course to help guide their swing to a solid impact every time, with every club. From the tee box to the short game, the Swing Glove guides golfers to better accuracy, greater distance, and lower scores.

The Swing Glove is effective, easy to use, gives results fast, and provides muscle memory to improve golf games while giving proper wrist control.

The Golf training aid offers Golfers lots of benefits which includes:

  • Correcting fundamental swing flaws immediately.
  • From tee shots to the fairway, approach, and putting, the Swing Glove delivers a consistent swing for lower scores.
  • The Swing Glove helps to maintain the correct wrist position throughout the player’s swing for improved distance and greater accuracy.
  • It is just like any other glove for practice and regular play

Dynamics Circle is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support to golfers who demand the best products at reasonable prices. Dynamics Circle brings together a team of dedicated people who love golf and have passions to help golfers master and enjoy Golf. The company provides a unique blend of skilled engineering and golf innovations while striving to continue their research and development to provide refined and functional products to golfers of all skill levels. The company’s website at www.swingglove.com contains additional information.

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