DX Venture Invests $100 Million in Support of Kross Wallet’s Game Project

London – DX Venture, a venture capital firm, has announced a $100 million investment to support Kross Wallet’s game project. This investment will further enhance the development of Kross Wallet and enable users and players to seamlessly convert cross-chain game tokens through the platform.

Kross Wallet is a leading cross-chain digital wallet platform committed to providing gamers with a more flexible and convenient gaming experience. Through Kross Wallet, players can effortlessly transfer and exchange game tokens across different gaming ecosystems, expanding their gaming choices and opportunities.

DX Venture’s investment in Kross Wallet’s platform will drive the development and innovation of the gaming industry. This investment provides Kross Wallet with the financial and resource support needed to better cater to user demands and deliver innovative solutions.

Through the Kross Wallet platform, players will have greater convenience in managing and converting game tokens, whether within different ecosystems of the same game or across different games in a cross-chain manner. This will bring players more freedom and flexibility, enriching their gaming experiences.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with DX Venture, and their investment brings significant support and opportunities to our game project. We will continue to innovate and provide better services and products to create a more exciting gaming experience for players,” said the founder of Kross Wallet.

This investment signifies DX Venture’s confidence in Kross Wallet and further validates the potential and market demand for cross-chain game token conversion. As the digital gaming industry continues to grow and evolve, Kross Wallet remains dedicated to offering efficient and secure cross-chain conversion services, driving the advancement of the gaming industry.

About DX Venture:

DX Venture is a venture capital firm focused on the gaming and digital asset space. Through funding and strategic support for innovative game projects, DX Venture is committed to driving the development and innovation of the gaming industry.

About Kross Wallet:

Kross Wallet is a leading cross-chain digital wallet platform that provides convenient cross-chain game token conversion services for gamers. Through Kross Wallet, players can easily manage and convert their game tokens, whether within the same game’s different ecosystems or across different games.

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