Dutch Tech Company is Set to Revolutionise Wi-Fi and Smart Home Management

Dutch Tech Company is Set to Revolutionise Wi-Fi and Smart Home Management

AMSTERDAM, NL – “In a world of growing connectivity, devices, online content, work from home and smart home services, Gamgee delights customers with enchanting service, excellent wireless performance and abilities to manage a wide array of services in their smart home.” – Paul Hendriks, CEO and Co-Founder of Gamgee.


Gamgee is an Amsterdam-based user experience high-tech company founded in 2018. With branches in the United Kingdom and Israel, the company is set to change the home Wi-Fi, the smart home, cybersecurity, digital privacy, and remote working ecosystems. With the team of telecom experts and IoT software specialists, Gamgee developed a solution that grants customers at home the ability to manage their Wi-fi network and connected device, optimise the network performance, schedule online time, set up content filtering and parental controls, all supported with bullet proof cybersecurity equipment and 24/7 customer self-care.

Headed by Co-founders Paul Hendriks and Shaul Levi, who between them have a deep-seated knowledge of the telecommunications and cybersecurity industries, Gamgee provides a bevy of highly personalised digital home solutions that combine best-in-class technologies to make for a comprehensive all-in-one home network and management suite. 


Gamgee offers a full-service network management solution that includes functionalities for addressing cybersecurity, digital privacy, remote working, smart home network/IoT, and parental control needs. Designed with the end-user in mind, Gamgee packs all these control and management features into a personalised, fluid, and intuitive interface with use cases in home, business, and corporate environments.

Gamgee customers hold the power to manage their own digital experiences in a way users never knew existed. As an easy to use management console on their mobile phone, they can manage users, devices and smart appliances on their home network, allow and block users, configure and expand the wireless network, control access to online content, websites and applications, guard their digital privacy with extensive security and privacy functionalities, easily configure a guest network and share its password, and setup a high-performing and secure home office network.

The whole complement of network management functionalities is applied through a router on a network-wide level, as opposed to a device or user level, with full-on coverage for all connected devices. This drastic shift from the status quo is both revolutionary and effective. As a secure framework for improving performance and guaranteeing user safety, Gamgee is better poised to improve performance and address potential fail points before they ever become an issue.

All with the reassurance that personal data gathering is limited to the bare minimum and not shared with any organisation or institution. Gamgee’s pitch is: “Your data is not our business.”


Wi-Fi is now more than ever, a critical component of digital life. It is what powers smart home networks, remote working, and the majority of the world’s current crop of digital services. There are many excellent technologies out there, aiming to improve the end-user Wi-Fi experience. However, most are single standalone services that usually serve one function. Gamgee manages to create an integrated solution that combines all essential (and more) Wi-Fi functionalities into a single package to provide users with a personalised, engaging, and seamless experience.

“For us, satisfied customers are the ultimate measure of success. We want to create digital solutions that allow our customers the opportunity to experience first-class service delivery, characterised by top draw Wi-Fi performance, excellent customer service, and ease of use across all fronts.” – Paul Hendriks, CEO of Gamgee.

Gamgee’s drive is to create loyal, satisfied and advocating customers by making it effortless to install products and services, learn and use services, engage with support, enjoy high performing wireless home networks, and receive relevant insights. “The ‘golden ticket’ in customer loyalty is reducing effort.” – Shaul Levi, CSO of Gamgee.


Gamgee has recently redesigned its app in a bid to improve overall user experience. With the new app, Gamgee is aiming to put its users in charge of their home/office and Wi-Fi situation.  There’s a new design language of simplicity and minimalism geared towards providing users with an engaging, intuitive, and refined app flow. The new design will allow users to do more with less, and everything is now even more personalised and conforming to individual user preferences.

Digital users should have the power to manage their digital experiences holistically. Gamgee makes sure this is the case. The Gamgee app is an easy-to-use but still comprehensive management console that gives users the ability to do everything from configuring their wireless networks to implementing content filters, digital privacy guards, network security measures, and much more. It’s real power in their hands.

The development team has also introduced a ‘Smart Card’ system aiming to engage directly with the user in an even more unique and highly personalised way. ‘Smart Cards’ are designed to boost customer experience and tailor solutions to their personal individual needs.


With its astute solution, Gamgee is set to tap into the rapidly expanding Wi-Fi as a service, mesh network, parental control, VPN, cybersecurity, smart home, and recently surging work from home markets. 

  • The global parental control software market is driven by a growing demand for services that guarantee online child safety. This demand is reflected in a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% that will see the sector expand to US$3.7 billion come 2026. 

  • Global Market Insights also predict that the market for Wi-Fi mesh networks will surpass US$6 billion by 2026, with year-over-year growth of 15%. 

  • The Wi-Fi as a Service market is still in its infancy, but even then, it is projected to grow with a CAGR of 20% to US$8 billion by 2025. Some of that growth will spill over to the consumer market.

  • The global VPN market is valued at US$24 billion in 2019 and expected to reach over US$70 billion by 2027. 

  • The global cybersecurity market, on its part, is currently worth US$173 billion. It is expected to expand rapidly to US$270 billion come 2025. Like the Wi-Fi as a service sector, part of this market value and growth is in the consumer market.

  • The promising market of smart home and IoT technologies is predicted to host over 80 billion devices by 2025, with a staggering market value of US$ 1.7 trillion in that same period.

  • While prior to the pandemic 8% of the world’s workforce (260 million workers) worked from home on a permanent basis, it is expected that this number can easily triple by the end of 2021.

Each of these markets is on an upward trajectory for growth, and Gamgee is properly set up to capitalise both in the short term and long term.

Gamgee delivers its range of solutions directly to consumers and in partnership with broadband service providers across the globe. For the latter group, Gamgee has brought about new growth opportunities in the Wi-Fi as a Service, cybersecurity, virtual private networking, remote working, and smart home sectors. Gamgee positions these services providers on the pathway to exploit these markets in addition to helping them reduce customer churn rates. 

Available in Europe, Israel, Turkey, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, the Gamgee team is open to receiving inquiries from individuals and corporate partners looking to improve or overhaul their Wi-Fi management, cybersecurity, and parental control, smart home and remote working solutions.

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