Dr. Tanja Isabella is Transforming Modern Women Worldwide With Her Inspiring Coaching

Internationally Recognized Feminine Expert is Adoring The Women of 21st Century With The Absolute Beauty, Power & Pleasure

Jul 3, 2017 – Majestic Beauty has announced that they are offering premium coaching based on a unique feminine power system introduced by Dr. Tanja Isabella. The renowned coach, author and beauty expert has created a system using feminine archetypes called the ‘Queen Types’ that will upgrade a woman’s entire life. This coaching system by Dr. Isabella will revolutionize the lives of many women around the world and will be their key to becoming a high achieving Queen who has a life of beauty and bliss.

“I have created a unique Feminine Power System called the Queen Types that will upgrade every aspect of your life so that you can live a legendary life that you love.” Said Dr. Tanja Isabella, the Founder of Majestic Beauty while introducing her Crown Jewels Coaching System. “It will not only teach women about enhancing their beauty to the limits, but will also teach them about the heights of sexual pleasure and love.” She added.

Besides being a gifted author, Dr. Tanja Isabella is also a celebrity makeup artist and a renowned pleasure expert who is known for her coaching in sex, love, and relationships. Moreover, this is all backed by her 350 hours of certifiable coaching to empower women like never before. In addition to her coaching education Dr. Tanja Isabella has over 10 years of experience in the field of Dermatology which gives her the ability to help bring profound beauty, transformation, and healing for the women she works with. Furthermore, the internationally recognized author and speaker is known for harnessing the true seductress out of her clients who come to her for the best sex and pleasure coaching available today.

From intimacy at its best to beauty at its peak, Dr. Tanja Isabella believes in maximizing everything in a woman to make her a true Sovereign Queen of her destiny. For wounded and exhausted women, and those who are co-dependent on others, her teachings play a major role in their emotional and physical liberation from the bonds and chains that were previously holding them back. In addition, her coaching has particularly changed the lives of many isolated burnt-out women who lacked self-confidence and power to go out and explore their inner potentials.

Beauty, Pleasure and Power are the three main areas that are focused by Dr. Tanja Isabella in her training programs. From offering the best available luxury makeup to the most effective transformation for women through her techniques, she has achieved a lot already in empowering high performing women from around the world. Her clientele includes an overwhelming number of transformed women who have shared some of the most inspiring testimonials and reviews about the experiences they had with the Crown Jewels Coaching System.

For more information about Dr. Tanja Isabella and all her programs regarding beauty, pleasure and power, please visit: www.yourmajesticbeauty.com

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