Dr. Foot Clinic Now Offering Specialized Podiatric Healthcare Services for Children

Podiatric health problems or foot related disorders are often ignored in children. Dr. Foot clinic is now offering specialized care for children to help parents avoid children’s foot disorders for good.

According to healthcare statistics, 3 out or 4 children grow up with untreated or undiagnosed foot disorders but Dr. Foot is now at the forefront of changing that statistic. With a commendable repertoire of podiatric services in their arsenal, Dr. Foot clinic is an international healthcare conglomerate with branches spread across Canada, North America and the Middle East. Working with some of the most qualified and experienced podiatric physicians in the world, the clinic is now proud to announce their specialized podiatric healthcare services for children.

Some areas of treatment include, but are not limited to, heel pain, bunions, flat feet, toe walking, plantar warts, ingrown toe nails and much more. The expert physicians at Dr. Foot are able to diagnose a multitude of issues and prescribe treatments, products or prescription footwear for correctional purposes. More details about Dr. Foot’s services for children can be seen at http://kidfeet.ca/

A representative for Dr. Foot kid’s services made a statement about the importance of podiatric healthcare in growing children “The lack of foot health in children is astounding. If ignored, foot disorders can lead to growth issues later on in life. The extent of damage done by neglected foot health problems is immeasurable.”

The spokesperson further added “Finding an early cure for a child’s foot disorder can create a huge difference in their overall health. It can positively impact their growth and their overall physical and athletic abilities. We suggest all curious parents to look into this and arrange an appointment at one of our many locations.”

The official Dr. Foot website can be seen at http://drfoot.ca/.

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