Dr. Dinah Lilia Mourise Hosts Influential International Symposium and Welcomes Ugandan Delegates for Historic Contract Signing

Dr. Dinah Lilia Mourise Hosts Influential International Symposium and Welcomes Ugandan Delegates for Historic Contract Signing
Honourable Deputy Prime Minister, Rukia Nakadama saluting Dr. Dinah Mourise

Niagara Falls, Ontario – In a significant display of international cooperation and commitment to global humanitarian efforts, Dr. Dinah Lilia Mourise recently agreed to welcome and host Ugandan delegates, including Hon. Deputy Prime Minister Rukia Nakadama and Ambassador at-large Abbey Walusimbi, at her residential estate.

The meeting, which took place from January 2nd to January 7th, 2024, was not just a convergence of influential minds but also a monumental step towards a formal collaboration between the Government of Uganda and OEIS Global Protection. This historic visit culminated in the signing of a groundbreaking contract, marking a major joint venture to advance security and humanitarian initiatives.

In conjunction with this high-profile visit, Dr. Mourise organized a powerful symposium focused on the global crisis of human trafficking in children. The event emerged as one of the most impactful gatherings in recent times, highlighting the urgency of this global challenge and fostering international cooperation for its resolution.

The symposium featured notable speakers, including specialists from the Ontario Provincial Police Human Trafficking Special Unit, and culminated with an exciting announcement by Maizy James of Tomayto Tomato Productions. The film Heart Transplant, based on true events, produced and written by Dr. Mourise, promises to be a compelling narrative that not only entertains but also enlightens and inspires on critical social issues relating to Human Trafficking. The novel by Dr. Mourise “Heart Transplant” can be found on Amazon stores and online.

These events underscore Dr. Mourise’s unwavering commitment to leveraging her expertise and resources for meaningful global change, particularly in security and the protection of vulnerable populations. The symposium and the upcoming film project stand as testaments to her dedication to raising awareness and driving action on critical social issues.

For more information on the Ugandan delegation’s visit, the symposium, and the film development, please contact gaby@oeis.us.

About Dr. Dinah Lilia Mourise

Dr. Dinah Lilia Mansour Mourise, a Canadian with Egyptian royal heritage, is a distinguished philanthropist, retired surgeon, and entrepreneur. She is the Vice President of OEIS Global Protection, a firm specializing in security and protective training. Additionally, she is the Founder of the Lilia Redemption Foundation, dedicated to combating global child trafficking. Dr. Mourise’s diverse interests also extend into the entertainment industry, where she engages in creative projects driving positive change. Her multifaceted career reflects a deep commitment to societal improvement and humanitarian efforts.

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