Doodleyzoo Officially Launches The First NFT Chocolate Collection

Opensea-powered NFT community, Doodleyzoo, announces the launch of their debut NFT Chocolate collection featuring 10k unique digital arts

The Doodleyzoo NFT Community looks set to rewrite the history books in the virtual space as the very first confectionary NFT Project, with the launch of their debut NFT Chocolate collection. The collection is launched in line with the goal of the Opensea-powered community to create a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to harness the immense opportunities inherent in the Web 3.0.

Non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs, have practically disrupted the virtual space in recent times. Some experts have gone on to describe the concept as the biggest thing yet in the blockchain space. Over the years, a plethora of projects has emerged to meet the growing and diverse needs of different categories of stakeholders and blockchain enthusiasts. However, Doodleyzoo is looking to add some feeling of deliciousness to the treat with the launch of the Doodleyzoo Chocolate collection.

The collection is the first of its kind in the Metaverse specifically targeted at all Chocolate lovers, as Doodleyzoo seeks to build a confectionary NFT brand. The goal is to enable members of the community to print their minted NFT Designs on various DoodleyZoo products with distribution rights to sell and make a commission on each successful sale. The DoodleyZoo NFTs offer an opportunity for investors to own a confectionary NFT brand by purchasing digital DoodleyZoo collectibles in form of Chocolate MEMEs.

The 10K DoodleyZoo NFTs are launched onto the ETH blockchain, with each design offering a unique combination of digital hand-drawn traits to give buyers a one-of-a-kind asset. DoodleyZoo has also announced plans to host giveaways to holders at specific minting milestones. The collection is open to minting already. As part of the goal of building the biggest private collection, DoodleyZoo NFT will be collaborating with major fashion studio brands and professional project designers to develop a global design studio that is capable of giving all participants an edge in the crypto industry.

For further information about how to mint the most delicious NFT, visit – Doodleyzoo also has a growing online community across social media, including DiscordTwitter, and Instagram.

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