Dominate LinkedIn with Raffy Dematawaran’s High-Impact Branding and Content Packages

Raffy Dematawaran, a powerhouse in LinkedIn branding and content strategy, is shaking up the game with three exclusive offers. Designed specifically for founders, CEOs, CXOs, and high-level professionals, these services are set to transform LinkedIn profiles and supercharge content strategy. The goal? Boost your LinkedIn impressions by 110% and skyrocket your online presence.

As a Multimedia Design expert and recognized LinkedIn Personal Branding Top Voice, Raffy brings tailored, high-impact packages that deliver results fast. Each offer is meticulously crafted to help professionals dominate their industries on LinkedIn. Stand out. Get noticed. Elevate your authority.

Power Profile Blueprint TM

Transform your LinkedIn profile with the Power Profile Makeover package. This offer includes:

  • Custom LinkedIn Cover & Features: Professionally designed graphics to reflect your brand.
  • Compelling Headline & Summary: Crafting engaging and captivating introductions.
  • Industry-Specific Tailoring: Showcasing your expertise.
  • Express Revamp: Complete profile overhaul in just 3 days.
  • Profile Audit & Action Steps: Immediate actionable improvements.
  • Bi-Annual Refresh: 30% discount for returning customers.

With limited availability of only 5 slots per month, satisfaction is guaranteed, or clients receive a complimentary strategy session.

Content & Engagement PlaybookTM

Amplify your brand with the 90-Day Content Leadership Suite, featuring:

  • Strategic Content Planning: Personalized to your vision.
  • Branded Multimedia Content: Custom visuals to enhance engagement.
  • Industry-Specific Content: Highlighting your expertise.

Exclusive features include:

  • Kickstart Strategy Session
  • Mid-Suite Review for Optimization
  • Content Creation Workshop
  • 90-Day Content Plan Calendar
  • 7x Branded Design Templates

This package guarantees a 110% spike in engagement or an extra month free, with only 2 slots available per month.

Ultimate LinkedIn AmplificationTM

Combine the best of both offers with the Ultimate LinkedIn Amplification Suite:

  • Power Profile Makeover
  • 90-Day Content Leadership Suite
  • Continuous Strategy Adjustments

Exclusive offerings include:

  • VIP Strategy Day
  • Express Revamp in 3 Days
  • Monthly Profile Reviews
  • Branded Hook & Copywriting Templates
  • Engagement Kits
  • Weekly Strategy Huddles
  • Premium Services: Additional custom content production
  • VIP Kits: Access to over 5000+ leadership resources

Limited to only 3 spots per quarter, this package guarantees a 220% engagement boost or a free one-on-one strategy revamp.

“These new services are designed to help professionals enhance their digital presence significantly. With our targeted strategies and visually compelling content, clients can expect to see immediate and substantial improvements in their LinkedIn engagement,” said Raffy Dematawaran, LinkedIn Top Personal Branding Voice & Multimedia Designer.

For more information and to sign up for these exclusive offers, contact:

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