DJKC is taking off with BACK TO NATURE

“Kai Werkmann ( Dj KC)”

Kai Werkmann has made himself a name as DJ, member of THE FORCE as well as producer of remixes. As of now, the live performer will present his own songs as DJKC in a unique genre and style: Dream House. In the Deep House category top 20 of Dance Charts, BACK TO NATURE instantly secured the number 13 position. The video is a real eye-catcher. Starring: DJKC, the beautiful model Rike and a buzzard. DJKC shows he is somebody to be reckoned with in the US, together with awarded promoter and Member of the Grammy Recording Academy® – Gueney Durmus of DjMp3Promotion.

It comes as no surprise: the start is spectacular in a musical atmosphere somewhere between reduced and colossal sounds, soothingly serene, which is one reason it’s excitedly different. The first DJKC single BACK TO NATURE already sets the mood and creates a musical basis for a new DJKC genre: Dream House.The instrumental, composed and produced by hit producer and THE FORCE member Peter Ries, is a mixture of a dynamic deceleration of dance floor grooves, a blockbuster hit melody and rapturous floating sounds underlined with a lot of energy. “I’ve been waiting for the right timing, I didn’t want to deliver anything less than a perfect, new genre mixture of sound that is radio as well as club compatible. The first DJKC single is a combination of Dream House and colossal music, literally. The first reactions from radio stations, live off the dance floor and from music fans is unbelievable, even from my experiences as a DJ. Peter Ries outdid himself with BACK TO NATURE “, says DJKC alias Kai Werkmann, who shines as a DJ especially in Germany, but also increasingly in Europe. In Germany, the single has already premiered locally on RTL. Besides, DJKC celebrates the start of his very own radio show in June at a big radio station.

This presence has a positive effect: In Germany, Back to Nature is on its way straight to the top of the DJ Charts. In 2015, the good-mood song “Marimba” of THE FORCE already made it into the charts – number 2 in the US DJ Charts. “If BACK TO NATURE will be such a raving success like Marimba was, we will have the first gigs in New York. I can hardly wait.”For a potential hit, there must be a video as well: The perfectly matching video was shooted by Ulrich HM Wolf. The German celebrity and fashion photographer already put a spotlight on a lot of music. Including Londonbeat, German musicians and the internationally renowned pop singer BEATA, who has currently reached the upper regions of the charts with her radio mix We Don’t Have To Learn – presented by THE FORCE alias Kai Werkmann and Peter Ries. Besides the main character of DJKC, the video features a lot of nature, Wolf’s model muse Rike and – a buzzard. The complete DJKC Dream House album will be released in the second part of 2016. All songs, including the singles, will be released worldwide online by Passion & Divine.

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