Dj Mouss Launches Music Video of His Latest Colab “I’m Coming.”

Shot in the scenic Marrakesh city the crown jewel of Morroco, Dj Mouss and Suavé team up for their latest single I’m Coming, and just recently, they announced the video for I’m Coming has been launched and is now available on YouTube. The new video, Dj Mouss shines with this music production while Sauve casts a spell on the audience with this powerful and smooth vocals, but also with his capability to show raw emotions. The music video was released July 16th, 2017 and is now available on YouTube (

Real talent and passion for music are not restricted by boundaries and limitation in the ways artists express themselves. Dj Mouss and Suave’s collaboration is a shining example of two artists with a common background coming together and creating something that speaks about the most common emotion in the world: Love. A natural talent, Dj Mouss started his musical journey in Morroco as Dj and music producer, he then proceeded to widen his borders after moving to Paris, his career flourished exponentially. DJ Mouss is now highly successful DJ and music producer, with his sets in demand in every part of the world, including the US and Europe.

Both Dj Mouss and Sauve are extremely determined artists that believe in following passions, dreams, and instincts to wherever they may lead as the captivating lyrics of the song say. Hailing from similar backgrounds from the same country, they were able to find a beautiful common ground that is their latest track “I’m Coming”

Despite its recent launch on YouTube, the music video is earning praise and appreciation from the audience since DJ Mouss has a large international fan base, that keeps a close eye on the latest news and releases from their favorite DJ. Mouss also love to connect with his fans and stay in touch through his social media accounts.

Check out the new video:

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Dj Mouss is a rising songwriter and recording artists, born and raised in Kenya, she came to Los Angeles in January 2016 to pursue his career as a musician. For more information and to connect with Dj Mouss, please check out his Facebook: Mouss.Huns.Official/Mouss appeared every week on NRJ Radio, for more than 2 years. His mixes also appeared on the following radio stations: FG DJ Radio (Paris), Beur FM (Paris), and Hit Radio (Casablanca).

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