DJ Micka Pandera is back in his home country France to produce music, after working for 9 years as a resident DJ in China

Micka Pandera is a talented DJ/producer from Paris, France who worked as a resident DJ in China for 9 years. After playing in some of the biggest clubs in China, he is back in his home country and producing music for almost 5 years, releasing his groovy dance numbers on major music platforms. Micka is known for his EDM, Hip Hop and Dance music tracks with heart-thumping beats that set the perfect mood for dancing. Inspired by legendary DJs like David Guetta, Laidback Luke, and DJ Snake, Micka creates mind-boggling beat drops and catchy tunes that leave an impression.

“I want people to feel happy and dance when they listen to my music. I’m a DJ before a music producer so when I see people enjoying my music, I know the kind of music they like and I set the beats accordingly”, says Micka Pandera when asked about his music. Talking about his favorite genres, Micka says, “I don’t do just one style of music but as a DJ, I like to blend genres to make music that appeals to a wide range of audiences. I especially love Latino, Hip Hop, and electronic music.”

Micka developed an interest in music in his early teens listening to popular DJs from different countries. The influence of his French roots and his time spent in the Chinese culture can be seen in his music, which has an international vibe. In China, Micka was playing almost every night and loved to do so, especially because he was playing in front of international crowds.

Micka is currently an independent DJ but hopes to get signed up with a reputed label to rising higher in the music industry.

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